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Creativity & College

It's about that time, I'm getting ready to look into college for my first-born, and I'm torn with how to lead him. He's a pretty smart kid. Much smarter than I ever was, and he's an excellent student (they help with ADD now. LOL) And so he has great grades, soccer, soccer coaching and more, but apparently, these things aren't enough in today's college world. Today, if you're creative, I wonder what type of college one goes to. His father wants him to major in engineering. I'm not so sure that's a "sure thing" anymore, especially where we live.

He loves history and all things military. I think his ideal would be West Point, but that's not going to happen. So he's been a little led by his father into the math, math, math thing, but I think he's too creative for just math. Maybe architecture? Software? No, that would bore him. How do you lead someone in their gifts? Or do you just hope they find it, like I did?

I mean, my college testing said I should be a graphic designer or a bus driver. I'm definitely a bus driver. Just got home from the hood and inside soccer. I feel overwhelmed by this whole college thing. The blind leading the blind. How did you figure out your major and when did you figure it out? What led you to your college?