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Millionaire Matchmaker takes on Bryce Gruber

Bryce Gruber is a beautiful, young Jewish woman who is also heiress to the Dannon Yogurt fortune.

And I felt so sorry for her on the show!
Let me say that again.
She's young.
She's gorgeous.
She's wealthy beyond belief.
I feel sorry for her.


Now I know editing can do a lot to a person's character, but Bryce was so unimpressed by EVERYTHING presented to her, it made me wonder if anything could impress her. If anything could move her.

My kids say I'm over-excitable and that they hate to tell me something good because I go all "Mom" on them. Bryce's date, a darling math teacher who was tall and Jewish. (Apparently, this is not always the case -- as in, it's something special.) He took her to do public library for a dinner date.

That is my dream romance. Are you kidding me? A romantic dinner AND books? Sign me up. A tall, cute date. Girl, I'm there.

Bryce, however, was not impressed. I think this next generation has so much stimulation, they've forgotten to be pleased with how beautiful life around them is. Don't miss the magic! Don't miss life, waiting to be impressed!

I just thought the whole thing was tragic. But like my kids say, I'm over-excitable. Did anyone see this Millionaire Matchmaker? Okay, I have to protest to Patti calling people ugly. That's just wrong. Mostly because those she calls ugly are NOT ugly and they'll be taking that word on for themselves. Bad form, Patti. No reason to tell people something you're thinking if it's hurtful. Oy, and the fat comments! Fat is not a size six!!!