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Mother's Day

This is the holiday I dread. Not from a receiving standpoint naturally, but a giving standpoint. My mother is nothing like me. Stuff doesn't make her happy. She's had the same handbag (to my horror!) for ten years.

With Mother's Day coming up, I'm starting to panic. Then, I saw an ad for "Les Miserables" and I knew what I wanted! It's coming to San Francisco again soon. It doesn't sound like it will be as good of a production, as its at the Orpheum, which is a theater in a dire part of town. But I will go. I will love it. But the last time I saw it, I took my mother and so I called her to see if she wanted to go again. (As a cruel joke, I suppose.)


She told me that going to Macy's beforehand was the best part (and my mom hates to shop!) I remember she was so happy when it was over and said, "I thought that would never end!"

"Mom, it's only intermission."
"Noooooo!" Said in her best Luke Skywalker.

So while I know what I want (isn't that the easy part?) I'm still no closer to my mom's gift. She said to come up and visit her, but somehow lounging around her house while she waits on my kids doesn't seem like a very good gift to me. Any ideas?

Elle took this of me last time I was there. In my defense, it had been a long day with Elle and her cousins (she was trying to guilt me into playing soccer with her and I was watching the Antiques Road Show and that's all I wanted to do!) But yeah, not much of a gift. I need ideas. What do you get for the girl who wants nothing? And how did I come from this person?