Casablanca: A reason for domestic strife?

UFO over Israel

I love a good UFO story -- before the government gets involved and tells us it's all a missile or something else. It's just straight-up fun to share an experience we can't explain on earth. There are always the people who will never believe anything, no matter what happens in front of them, but like I said, I love a good UFO tale. Here's the article, but you know, it is what it is: people saw lights in the sky and the government denies involvement. What else can they say?

I think that's why I enjoy the stories. There's no rational explanation, so they always go to the most rational source for the story. I love to see those types say, "Duh, I don't know. There are lights in the sky."

The fact that it's over the Holy Land makes it that much more fun.


The boys and I have the day together. I rarely get my boys alone, so I'm excited! What nerd venture shall happen today?