Will Write for Candles...
As the mother of boys...

Adam, here we come!!!

Okay, my BFF really did bail on Adam Ant, so I called my best friend from High School, who once traipsed all over Europe to find me Adam Ant pins for my jean jacket. (No comments on my bad fashion choices, it was the 80's!) So Adam in on again, and I am a happy camper who will have to watch Music & Lyrics to set the stage for my moment.


As I was talking to my other friend today on the phone, I said something to the effect of, "I know, cuz we were so hot back then."

And my son is in his room doing homework and just hides his face, shaking his head. I had to push the issue, "That's right honey, your mama was hot. Deal with it!" LOL Teenagers are so easy to shock. One has to make the most of these moments before they're off to college.

Now, to find some snakeskin skinny jeans....I'm kidding. I actually saw them today at Nordstroms in the brand, "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" -- seriously, if you can't wear your daughter's jeans, you have no business in snakeskin. Just sayin'