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Baked Ziti...is BAKED!

With four kids, sometimes life gets frustrating. I'm slow to anger, but when I get there...whoo boy! The last good tantrum I threw was on Mt. Lassen because I was staying, without electricity, in an ASH TRAY and on a tight work deadline. It was not pretty. It was memorable. No one will be bringing me to a volcano anytime soon -- as my reaction was maybe...I don't know, slightly volcanic. It was definitely at the very least, reminiscent of my Italian heritage.

Now the kids have...the great Baked Ziti tantrum of 2012. Yesterday, the kids had soccer all except for one. One stayed home to go to 'college night' with me. The remaining child had finished homework and was playing video games. These are my last words to him, "Dinner is in the oven. We won't be back until after dinner, so you have to feed yourselves. Dinner is in the oven."

"Okay Mom!" (And you know, he says it so I know he's not listening. So I walk into the hallway.) "Dinner is in the oven."

"I heard you! Dinner is in the oven."

Now I know I should have cleaned up the UNBAKED Baked Ziti, but I was in a hurry and I left it in the pot on the counter. It had no meat in it as I'd put that all in the casseroles that were in the oven. But still, it looked nasty, it was uncooked and it was cold. I assumed people would know that I would not serve my family cold, meatless, uncooked casserole, but here, I'd be wrong...

I get home at about 8:30 and the family has eaten the cold, meatless version of dinner while the two perfect casseroles sit inside the oven.



"What?" He says, while STILL on the video game. Okay, now I'm ticked. The dishes aren't done, physics' homework still has to be attempted by my oldest, and I have worked that afternoon for NOTHING. They missed the pie. They missed the casseroles. And he's got the nerve to yell at me from the video game, "It was fine. I assumed you took it OUT of the oven."

Oh no, you are not going to yell at me from a video game. SOOO not happening. You know how that woman on "The Real Housewives of NJ" says, "We're old school. We're all about respect."

Well, welcome to my world, child. Someone will NOT be playing video games today. And though it's been a good four years since Mom's last blowout? They now remember why you don't ignore Mom...remember how June Cleaver solved things? Yeah, that's not me.