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Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil

Did anyone happen to see this interview? Well, this attempt at an interview? Dina Lohan is a complete train wreck. Truthfully, I thought she looked more in need of mental health assistance than "rehab" but that's me. She was all over the place!

HOWEVER, Dr. Phil was a complete bully who had no mercy or compassion on her. Note to Dr. Phil: if you want someone to open up in an interview, treat them with respect. To bring her ex-abusive husband in and berate her with his crazy questions when she has a restraining order against him, is just assisting abuser.

Michael Lohan has Dr. Phil totally snowed in my opinion. He comes on, and denies again the birth of an out-of-wedlock daughter (who is beautiful and looks JUST like him) and says that NOW he will take a paternity test. Why now? I suppose because he can make a buck off it.

Dina Lohan was beyond "out there" in her interview. She is not healthy by any means, but did Dr. Phil care about that? He didn't seem to. He just seemed angry at her like he was working out some childhood crap on her. I'll admit, it's frustrating to talk to someone who has mental issues, but bullying them will not get you answers. They will just shut down.

Dr. Phil should never have aired this show. To me, it says more about him than Dina. We KNOW Dina is a hot mess. But I'll say one thing for her, for all Michael's bashing of her, who is THERE raising the four kids? Is it Michael? Did Dr. Phil address that aspect? I mean, if someone is in need of rehab or mental health help, what kind of parent are you to ignore that your kids are all being raised in that household?