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Fall is my new favorite season...what's yours?

It used to be Spring, but as I'm older now, don't have a convertible, and well, bikinis are best left in my history, I'm discovering a new love of Fall.


The hat I knit my baby cousin. How cute is he? Yes, I just wanted a chance to show him off!

There's that crisp bite to the air (yes, even in California -- the San Francisco fog is cold, y'all), the best scents come out at Yankee Candle and make the house smell delightful. I bake. (I make the meanest apple pie you will ever eat.) My hobbies change to indoor activities and suddenly, it's all right that I'm a writing hermit. I get out my ghost shows, my knitting needles, light the fire (on overcast days because the environmental nazis have rules about everything now.)


Oooh speaking of the environment. I've been looking into a Mustang Convertible, and it seems that my once 5.0 liter engine is now 4. I don't know if that makes a difference in speed, but I'm very curious.

Back to Fall. It's just the perfect season for me now. It's good times with family and friends, and all things snuggly. Has your favorite season stayed the same? I'm thinking as I get into the Fall of life, maybe that's the deal...