My First "X Factor"
The Forgotten Mom

Is the Wizard of Oz music really necessary?


When I got married, my wedding present from my husband was a Trek 800 mountain bike. It is very nice. It is currently hanging in my parents' garage. Now I have an old lady bike. Complete with basket so I can go to the grocery store.

Admittedly, it's a little embarrassing, but when you have vertigo, you can't look down like the mountain bikes (or any cool bike really) make you look. So a few years ago, I bought an old lady bike, so I could do grocery runs, etc. I just ordered a new basket (thank you Colleen Coble!) because my last one fell apart.

Kate Spade makes a bike basket. How cute is this? But I worry it would get stolen...not worth it.


It would be far easier to deal with my old lady bike if my kids didn't make the music of Miss Gulch from the Wizard of Oz every time I got on it. You know I hate that movie, right? I'm just saying, it doesn't help. Since I live near Apple, there are a LOT weirder things I could drive. To name a few: Recumbent bikes with windshields, Segues, scooters, a ten-speed with a motor like it's a motorcycle or a skateboard. I'd say I'm in the cool zone, quite frankly.