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Kato Kaelin says O.J. is Guilty -- Duh

Kato Kaelin has come out to say OJ was guilty and that he was terrified to say so back in the day. In his defense, OJ hacked two people (one he supposedly loved) to death, so I can see where the fear comes from -- however, it would have been a lot easier had he done the right thing.



Now, we have CSI and we'd like to think that someone like OJ could never get off, but I think shoddy police work still exists, sadly. My friend witnessed a pretty violent altercation between a murder victim and the suspect hours before the murder. That person was interviewed by all the media outlets, but thought they should go to the police before they talked to the media.

They did. The police ignored them. They have said they don't have a motive for the crime. (They have a motive for the crime if they talked to any of the people who witnessed the altercation.) Maybe they have enough evidence -- he's in custody, but after having watched the OJ trial (I was pregnant with my first child in 1994, I was riveted) I'm pretty sad that the lives of others are worth so little police time. I hope I'm wrong. And I'm very glad SOMEONE (media outlets) took down this story and made it a matter of record.

Back to Kato. He waited for the statute of limitations to run out -- seriously, how do you live with yourself?