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What Tim Tebow is Looking for in a Girlfriend...

In the new issue of "Vogue" Tim Tebow has taken some beautifully artful shots, and tells the magazine what he's looking for in a girlfriend.

I was never into athletes, so I can't say as I'd care, but he's a quality human being, and for that, he's worthy. FYI, this is not a Christian novel, but if you haven't read "Nobody's Baby But Mine" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and enjoy a smart hero/heroine, this is your book. It's hysterical.


Back to Tim. So he's looking for looks obviously. He is a guy, after all. Being a Christian doesn't negate that. And he wants someone sweet and kind. Don't you hope that's true? I mean, everyone SAYS that, but then you see some really nice guys married to mean women. So it is cause for pause.

There's a really sweet photo of him and his mom in this article, and it's a good mom/son pic. It doesn't say, my son will only be mine and don't you dare try to come between us. I'd like to believe Tim is looking for sweet and kind, but if the right beautiful woman is a total terror to others? He'd still probably marry her. I mean, look at who Blakely became with Tony. Doesn't she look sweet and kind from that perspective?