The Book Trailer...
Royals: Seriously, keep the clothes on...

Writers: Get out and about!

It's always good to get out and live a different life. I've been stuck on this turning point in my current work-in-progress. So while Nancy Toback was slaving away on editing it to that point, I was in San Diego reliving my history.

I'm an avid history buff (and no, youngins that doesn't just mean the 80's!) I've always loved historical sites and museums. My friend Laurie and I visited the old sites, the graveyards and then...saw Adam Ant!

Laurie said Adam was her least favorite part of the weekend, but ya know, I thought he was INCREDIBLE, and still as hot as back in the day!


We stayed in the Gaslamp District, which was not my favorite. Next time, Old Town.


This is me in the Gaslamp District in a supposed haunted house. I'm standing where a Victorian woman has been seen. (Note: we did not see her, and if we had, I wouldn't look so calm. LOL)


This is me at the Whaley House in Old Town. Note my new Adam Ant T-shirt. I have replaced the one from 1985. And by the way, I did wear it last night. Laurie told me it would be pointless to have saved it for that long and not wear it. I saw many old T-s, but none circa 1985. I won my own private competition that no one else cares about.

So I've been rejuvenated and I'm ready to go back to work. And soon, Laurie and I are going to visit a historical graveyard in our old town together. I think I have her hooked on history! There's something so emotional about reading epitaphs from days of old...