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Why is there no double jeopardy for appeals?

I don't understand why we can't try someone again for murder, but murderers can go through appeal after appeal and torment their victims all over again?

There's a case in Knoxville, Tenn where the crime is so heinous, I implore you not to read about it. However, the judge in the first case was deemed unfit, so these monsters got a new trial. Which means, the family has to sit with the human vermin all over again to see that justice is served. Justice isn't being served because these demons should be dead.

Anyhoo, the current judge is abusing the families more by saying if they're going to wear photo buttons of the victims, they must sit two to three rows back from the poor, wittle murderers. It might hurt their feelings! (If they had any, they never could have committed this crime.)

FYI, there is no question as to their guilt. They found their fingerprints at the crime scene, followed it to the guy's home where they found the body stuffed in a garbage can.


Why do we give more rights to perps than true victims? It's just so wrong and goes against all things just.

I'm anti-lawsuit...

I mean, bad things happen. You don't deserve four million dollars because there was a fly in your soup -- or some such nonsense. However, I have to say, I agree with the $8k payout to a disabled man for having to sit through 30 minutes of "It's a Small World After All" because the ride got stuck and they had no way to get him to his wheelchair.

That is cruel and unusual punishment and he deserves every cent. Plus, the poor guy had to pee!


Wow, Kordell was cold...

Kordell, from Real Housewives of Atlanta, blindsided his wife Porsha with divorce papers. That is cold. You have no repercussions, no chance at fixing things when someone doesn't talk and just blindsides you with papers. I don't watch that show, but I have seen Kordell in action on "Watch What Happens Live" and he wanted his wife to stay home with kids. She wasn't sure she wanted that and apparently suffered a miscarriage last year.

I think this statement in the papers says a lot about somebody not getting his way:

He also says there are no marital assets to be divided saying (she's) an able-bodied person, earning income and able to support herself.

No doubt that's true, but it sure does nothing for his reputation as a jerk! I'm glad there are no kids involved.
It's over! Kordell Stewart has filed for divorce from his wife of two years, Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Williams

Why are there so many mean people in the world today? What is going on?

I'm so jealous! Edinburgh

I'm not usually jealous. When someone has something good happen to them, I couldn't be more thrilled, but I am REALLY struggling with this one. My best friend is going to Edinburgh -- reportedly the most haunted city in the world. And she is going on the ghost tours. If you haven't been on a ghost tour, do not laugh. There are the FUNNEST people on a ghost tour. Because they are there to have a good time and don't care if you think they're idiots. Most everyone on them are non-believers, so it's just a great way to tour and hear the dark histories of any cities.

Edinburgh is a dark place. Its history is ugly. All of Britain -- sheesh, they didn't just KILL someone, they TORTURED them. Add the plagues, and the catacombs beneath the cities, and that's just spooky! And I'm jealous. Way jealous.

I LOVE historical tours and facts, but the personal stories you hear on a ghost tour really bring history to life. So before you scoff, try one. Especially if you love history. Those guides know it better than most librarians!


Ireland is out this year. My travel partner had a death in the family. : (

And yet, you're single...

This woman is obsessed with Raggedy Ann.


She has a huge collection. On RA's bday, she goes to the arcade with a few favorite dolls in her wagon and does things skee ball with the dolls. She loves Ann so much that her husband thrills at the joy this brings her. Therefore, upon his death, he asks to be cremated and stuffed into one of his wife's Raggedy Ann doll.

Ask your significant other if they're willing to do that. Go ahead. See how much they really love you.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha's Marriage Ends

This isn't news to anyone who has seen Kordell in action. He's a control freak who did not want his wife to work after she had a child. The surprise is that Kordell is the one who filed, but I suppose that makes sense since he wants to be in control. He has been plagued by rumors that he is not straight. This won't help.

Some people have to work out their demons before they get married. Unfortunately, Kordell will probably assume that Porsha was his problem and get married to someone willing to stay home and raise his children.

This is Porsha's chance to get it right. Let's hope she takes it.


Dylan Redwine is still missing; his father is still a sociopath...

Dylan Redwine is a 13-year old boy who disappeared while staying at his father's house in Colorado in November of 2012.

The parents, who are arch enemies, taped a segment with Dr. Phil. The father is clearly a sociopath without feelings or regards for anyone but himself. He refused to take a polygraph test -- and while I don't trust those results either, I would do anything to find my child. Convict me for crying out loud, only find my kid!

Mark Redwine is an expert at evasion. Watching him speak on the show is a lesson in how sociopaths work to get the attention off of them and open up any alternative assessment. My heart just grieves for the mother and brothers of Dylan because they want this man to FEEL something, and he's never going to. He's incapable of feeling for anyone but himself.

The ex seemed willing to work with him, though she clearly thought he was guilty. She just wants answers. She wants to believe that her ex-husband "hid" Dylan to "win" some kind of invisible contest. In the meantime, Mark just kept referring to possible solutions while offering nothing tangible.

Look at the way he diverted attention back to his ex when questioned: "Did you hurt him?" Elaine Redwine asked Mark Redwine.

"No, Elaine, I wouldn't hurt him. What kind of mother do you, are you to even think I was even capable of doing something like that?" Mark Redwine answered.

Notice, he attacks her without answering the question. If he's not capable of hurting him, we are supposed to infer that he's dad of the year from this. But considering that his other son is on the show saying he hates his father and that Mark has done nothing to find Dylan, does this resonate? Nope, he attacks the son -- never suggests that the son might have a reason for his feelings.

It scares me how many Casey Anthonys are out there. How they get away with it because rational people refuse to believe that anyone had something to do with their child's disappearance. I don't know if Mark Redwine had something to do with Dylan's disappearance or not, I do think he doesn't care one way or the other. He was far more worried about shirking blame.

Any NORMAL parent would rot in a jail cell if it meant their child would be brought back alive.


Love Renewed #RHOBH

Ken and Lisa Vanderpump renewed their vows -- with Jiggy in hand. It was a really beautiful ceremony and the fact that they still have so much fun together -- it's an amazing thing to see. Thirty years of marriage and pink chandeliers in her perfect bathroom. Lisa has the life!


In the most awkward of bad entrances, Adrienne showed up at the vow renewal party to whine that she'd been served with separation papers that day. Not only that, she didn't even go to Lisa, the hostess of the party, or say anything to her. (FYI, for those of you taking hospitality notes from Adrienne -- you don't show up at a romantic celebration to announce your impending divorce.)

Listening to Faye try to blame Brandi for breaking up the Maloof's marriage was another cloud over the Vanderpump horizon. Clearly, she never watched the show. I don't think I ever heard Adrienne say ONE nice thing to her husband.

It was nice to have the season end on such a positive note -- and I am loving Yolanda's addition to the show. She is my heroine!