5 Second Rule Game --
@Starbucks Treat Your Employees Right -- and you owe me a shot!


Belle is my favorite princess. Naturally. She gets a library.


Forget the prince. Girl gets a library full of books!

I'm really excited about the new Beauty & the Beast coming out -- I know Disney will do a great job, but I'm not thrilled about Belle. No offense to Emma whatshername. I've never actually seen her in a movie so I can't say she's going to be terrible. She's just not Belle to me.


You know who I think would have been great? The actress in "Victoria" on Masterpiece. And how great is Victoria? Jenna Coleman.


Elle thinks Crystal Reed from "Teen Wolf" for Belle. Are you happy with the choice? I'm happy about the movie regardless. Love a bookworm heroine. I mean, who doesn't? (Elle would say, everyone!)