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@Starbucks Treat Your Employees Right -- and you owe me a shot!

Today, I went to Starbucks as usual -- but I think I'm going to start going to Coffee Society across from my office. Okay, so I order my daughter a hot chocolate and myself an iced soy latte with extra ice. Only when they call it, it's light ice. I tell the barista, it's supposed to be extra ice -- and you know what she does? She rolls her eyes, opens the cup, pours out a bunch (um, the espresso is on top!) and puts more ice in the same cup. So I effectively have paid over $5 for a really icy soy milk. Seriously!! This would have never happened when Starbucks was treating its employees right. You can see how stressed they are, and that stress runs out into the shop and makes the place not very zen.

I like my coffee shops zen.

Get with the program Starbucks!

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