Din Tai Fung
I'm not sure Nick is over Andi #TheBachelor

I want a new MacBook...

I do not need a new MacBook. I have a perfectly good iMac and MacBook Air. They're both running great. But this one is pink. And it has that special bar, and I do love me a sparkly new toy.


Now, keep in mind, I'm mad at Apple. I live between their old facility and their giant, new spaceship facility and the traffic and hassles from their construction has been a major pain in the A**. Quite frankly, I think they should buy the whole town a new MacBook for putting up with them. But they won't. In fact, they won't even offer free wifi in the city like Google has always done for Mt. View. They shut down whole streets right and left in neighborhoods and offer the neighborhoods nothing in return. Oh yeah, jobs. Mostly for people who can't afford to live in town. I'm ranting because I hate myself for wanting a pink MacBook.

Screen shot 2016-12-16 at 100512 am

My Starbucks was right across from this tragedy, but I have been three weeks sober from Starbucks y'all. I just can't support that anti-American Schultz on a daily basis. Fine, you don't like Trump. Whatever. But you're going to hire 10,000 immigrants to get back at him? How about our veterans? How about our citizens? What is so enlightened about these people that they think helping hard-working Americans is bigoted?