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#Bachelor 3-Hour Tour

I'm not sure Nick is over Andi #TheBachelor

If I came home and watched this week's episode and saw Nick with Andi, I wouldn't be happy. He didn't seem all that over her and their connection seemed a lot stronger to me than what he has with the other girls. I don't think he's an easy person to connect with anyway, and I fear whomever he picks is going to have a lifetime of heartache. I know, I'm judgey. Sorry.


I will say Andi didn't seem to give two rips about Nick. She only seemed to come back to say, "Yeah, tell me about your slut-shaming now that you're in my shoes."

Ick. This show is gross. On a happy note, I'm able to watch it during my early lunch after writing all morning. So yay!

How come Corrine got to leave in a limo and not a sad van?