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Victoria on Masterpiece: History as it should be...

Okay, so perhaps it's not true that Victoria, Queen of England, had a crush on Lord Melbourne. Perhaps the really Wally Lamb was ten years older, portly and had a habit of falling asleep in public. None of this makes a difference to history. Their relationship was close. Why not embellish it to give our Victorian queen a little romance. I mean, the Victorian era is about romance so it's only fitting that she should have her own Darcy/Wickham rivalry happening.


Rufus Sewell, the bad guy in "The Holiday" but he's a magnificent hero in this series. Very dashing and Darcy-like. Here's the real Lord Melbourne. Not bad, but let's keep in mind Victoria is 18/19.


They've been kind to history and I'm all for that. The world SHOULD be more romantic.