I'm not sure Nick is over Andi #TheBachelor
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Dang, Nick bores me. Granted, I live in Silicon Valley and there are a bajillion Nicks around. Smart, handsome, but lacking the fun gene in my opinion. He's not the kind of guy I'd take to Disneyland, you know? I would totally take Corinne. Say what you will about her, without her one liners, I would not have made it through this season because quite frankly, I don't care who Nick picks.


So Vanessa and Raven are left. Vanessa gets all the crappy dates. First, she had to go into zero gravity and vomit on her date. Then, she has to plunge herself in a polar bear dunk. Why? She made the best of it. Manning up better than Nick, but that doesn't surprise me. She's a tough cookie. They have too many serious conversations to be entertaining. Maybe it's good for the relationship, but it sure makes for boring television.

I've loved Raven since the start, but I'd rather see her with Luke Pell from the previous season. She needs a more country dude.


As far as "Napgate" goes. Wow, I hope those women felt badly when they were so rude about Corinne's nanny and found out her mother nearly died of Ovarian cancer and she was trying to be respectful to someone who obviously means a lot to her. I thought that was great proof that you never know what's going on in someone's life. But like I said, I like Corinne because she's a truth-teller. She's missing a filter and she's excellent television.

I should start throwing "Bachelor" viewing parties. Those looked fun. I wonder if I could find anyone shallow like me around here.


In the end, I really liked Rachel best for Luke and I'm sad he didn't pick her. She'll make a great Bachelorette though, so that should be fun. Did you stick it out this season?