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Beauty and the Bison...

I knew I wouldn't like the new "Beauty and the Beast" -- the whole live action thing is hard to take when a woman is basically having chemistry with a CGI buffalo. Not to mention the thing had horns like all the demons in my ghost shows, so that wasn't too attractive.


Surprisingly, I really liked Emma Watson in the role of "Belle" and I didn't think I would. Everyone was grand in their individual roles, but there is no chemistry, no spark between them as an ensemble. It's just flat. It's like the original without the magic. I love the original though, so I'm probably biased and as much as I love Emma Thompson, she is no Angela Lansbury and Mrs. Potts just didn't have the appeal. The only character I really couldn't stand was the armoire. Her voice annoyed the daylights out of me. Audra McDonald is her name. Not sure who she is, but she did not appeal to me.

Loved Gaston. Loved Hattie Morahan as the enchantress. But all in all, I was ready to leave and timed my bathroom visit so that I didn't miss the library scene.


It will make a bajillion dollars, so no one cares if it has spark or magic. But I will watch the old one to cleanse my movie-going palate. On a happier note, my sons said that "Kong: Skull Island" was amazing and all that Godzilla promised to be -- but alas, not for Mom.