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Bulletproof Coffee in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, what's up? Banning "Kerrygold" butter? It's just wrong. Listen, we know you're the cheese state. That dairy is at a whole new level with you, but have you tried Kerrygold? I use it in my bulletproof coffee every morning, and just writing this is making me crave another one already.


Plus, when you ban something, it just creates more of a desire for it. It becomes contraband, and what is sexier than contraband butter? Nothing, I tell you!

If you're not familiar with Bulletproof coffee, it was first introduced to me by Colleen Coble. She made it for me at her house and it was delicious. It's made for a ketogenic diet or a sugar-free diet. Since I do so poorly on sugar, I'm a fan. I use my fake Nespresso machine to make coffee, then add a little MCT oil, about a tablespoon of grass-fed butter (Kerrygold is the best!) and maybe a little stevia for sweetener. You mix it all up in a blender and you have this frothy delight that won't mess with your blood glucose levels. Yes, it sounds weird, but I'm wondering if Wisconsin's ban won't raise awareness.

To my friends in Wisconsin, I will bring Kerrygold when I come. Never fear.