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Cleveland Bookstore Turns the Spines on all Male Authors for Women's History Month...



I'm not a fan of this. I mean, you could say the number of men's books in romance, is extremely low. It's not like George Eliot days, when one had to lie about their gender to get published. True, women still publish in "male" genres under names like J.K. Rowling, but the truth is, boys don't want to read "girl" books. It's just a marketing reality.

I really hate this men vs. women thing. We're different. Why is that a problem? My favorite author is male, and he wrote predominately about how unfair the world was, including the church, TO WOMEN. Thomas Hardy wrote about Tess, tarted out by her family, raped and destroyed by men and people who should have known better. When he wrote "Two on a Tower" he wrote about the unfairness of a woman getting older and how she's judged by society and in love. And there is no better FEMALE prodigal story than Bathsheba Everdene in "Far from the Madding Crowd." The woman is ALL FEMINIST. Yet, written by a man and set in Victorian England.


I just hate anything that creates more division in the world. We don't need that. There are amazing female authors. There are amazing male authors. Why does this month have to pit them against each other? I will say that I have seen men get more of an advance for a book that I know won't sell better than a similar-placed female author. That's crap, because especially in the CBA (Christian market) -- the woman's book will sell better. That's misogyny -- okay it's at least patriarchy, and I'm not saying it doesn't exist in publishing, because it does. However, hating on men doesn't fix anything. There are some powerful women in publishing who can do whatever they like -- and so here is to more J.D. Robb's in our future.