My inner Scarlett is coming out to play...
A #Bachelor Rant -- Chris Soules

#Bunnygate #RHOBH

I'm not a fan of housewives fighting, but I have to say this season -- and especially that Hong Kong trip -- was amazing. All of those personalities, each with their own inner conflict meeting up in a foreign land. It was pretty epic. Although, the argument about not wearing panties got old really quickly. I actually felt a little sorry for PK on the reunion. Guy couldn't win. I mean, he's got nowhere to go in that situation. Either his wife thinks he's a creep or he blames it on Erika, am I right?



So let's move onto Bunnygate. I am a fan of Lisa Rinna's and I know she blurts whatever she's thinking. I can identify with that so I'm on Lisa's side. I think she has good motives and a big mouth. Plus, I don't think she cares much for Kyle's sister, Kim. Next week, there's a preview of Kim saying that basically, Eileen isn't a real actress because she's on a soap opera. Oh, do you mean working? Because I don't think we've seen Kim much since she was in "Escape to Witch Mountain."

Granted, I know Kim has issues, and I'm happy for her as a new grandma, but bringing the bunny back that Rinna gave her. Hanging onto it for 8 months so she could do it publicly? That was pathetic and vengeful. I didn't like that at all.

Speaking of vengeful, as much as I love Erika Jayne, girl got a little too angry at PK on the reunion. On the one hand, I get it. Her husband is never around to defend her. (Interesting that he's an attorney.) And PK is always around. I love that PK loves his wife and stands up for her, even when she acts like a complete moron. That's as it should be.

What did you think? My cousins think I'm wrong. LOL