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Father WhatAWaste & Old Friends


I had a "Girls Night Out" this week and I have to say, having old friends is the best. You don't have to explain things. First off, I'm an acquired taste, so if you're willing to put up with me, most likely, I'll keep you around. My oldest friend has been around since we were 4 and in Catechism together. While we were out this week -- at Greek food -- how Eastery, right?

Our mutual friend says, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, Father WhataWaste is now at (*&(*& Church."
"No kidding?"
"Yeah, he seems to be covering two parishes right now."

I love that this conversation makes sense to us all. Father WhatAWaste was the HOTTEST guy was he was young and before he officially entered the priesthood, he was our youth pastor. He was young and tan and had abs before abs were a thing. We didn't think he'd really go through with being a priest. How could such a beautiful specimen deny the women of the world? (Granted, we were sixteen, so maybe not that spiritual or mature.)

We went to his ordination and screamed from the top of San Francisco's Saint Mary's, "Don't do it, Dave!" Her mom was so proud. (Ie., mortified.)

Dave did it. He's still doing it. A priest - now for two parishes. But his nickname lives on in infamy.

So even though I have amazing lifetime friends, I've made a new friend, whom I absolutely love.

She is Russian and brilliant, a grown boy mom and we just get each other. But here's how I knew it was meant to be. We start talking literature -- because of course, she knows all the great Russian literature, but when she asks me about a book, do you know which one she asked if I'd read?

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Of all the books. The one I read every two years. "The Thorn Birds" by Colleen McCullough. An Australian writer. About a priest -- how amazing is that? Anyway, these is my Easter Week stories. I hope you're all going to have an amazing Easter this year.

I've just filled 200 Easter Eggs, so I'm anxious for the good part.