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My inner Scarlett is coming out to play...

I have been obsessed with Charleston, South Carolina since Rhett Butler announced he was going back to Charleston. Even though I am an Ashley Wilkes girl. Which is terrible, because he's essentially the villain of that movie. But whatever. Ashley it was.

Anyway, my friend lives there and her daughter has agreed to take us on the "Southern Charm" tour -- of the show's highlights. I'm taking my history buff son and he's excite to see Fort Sumter and we'll do a ghost tour, eat the southern food. Basically, live the Scarlett life I was born to live. How I ended up in California, I will never know!


So this morning, I tell my history buff son that my friend is taking me on the "Southern Charm" tour and he says, "Where am I going to be?"

"Um, on the 'Southern Charm' tour. If I have to go to Fort Sumter, you have to go to see where T-Rav hangs out."


Now I'm going to explain why I planned this trip. Because in my family, they consider a road trip to the middle of nowhere (think UFO country) is a vacation. Listen, if my cell phone gets no service? That is not a vacation. I don't WANT to be on my cell phone, but I don't want to be in a place where it doesn't work, either. I might need to look up what year a movie came out or something.

So this summer...wait, I have to start with last summer. My daughter went on a packing trip with horses. They hiked, the horses packed. My daughter and the guide connected and now, she is going to learn how to train a wild mustang this summer. Then, learn what she needs to know about packing and take the family on a packing trip. I'm sure that sounds like heaven to a lot of people. To me, it sounds like hell with a view. So I will be dirt-packing and camping this summer as a "vacation." And that, my friends is why I'm going to Charleston. I gotta be me.