A #Bachelor Rant -- Chris Soules
What's happening in your world?

#RHONY Dorinda got a little heated for my tastes -- and I'm Italian!

Dorinda was dropping F bombs at Sonja like there was a big sale on them. Ouch. There were others at the table, and a few men. I was shocked at how people just accepted that behavior. I want to take you back to the last dinner party you had and imagine someone screaming at one of your guests at the table.


It was legit scary -- and trust me, my dad and I have had blowouts at the table -- we enjoy arguing as sport -- we don't care about whether we're right or not. We will clear the room and not notice. (We're charming that way.) But seriously, Dorinda looked unhinged.

Then, for another reason I don't understand (I never got why she was yelling at Sonja) she goes after "Luann's friend" who happens to be the great Candace Bushnell. Acclaimed author and creator of "Sex and the City" and "The Carrie Diaries." What does a writer have to do to get some recognition in the world? Luann's friend?


Then, after all that crazy screaming and ranting, the women are all just together the next day. This is why the coasts don't get normal people. That's not normal behavior. Normal people stay away from ranting, screaming banshees. It's healthier that way.

Okay, I have to address the elephant in the room with Carol the Cat Lady and her political views. Why does she think she's the only one entitled to an opinion? That's what voting IS, CAROL. People get their own vote. So when she uninvites Ramona to her Hillary Victory Election party, you have to admit, it's a little heartwarming to know her bum is going to get handed to her. When Ramon gets uninvited, Carol says to her, "You don't even care about Hillary."

Um, an election party is because of an election. Where the results are not yet in -- she's missing the point. And she says this like Hillary is her best friend. Like if she didn't watch, her best friend would be distraught. Betrayed. Oh well, she has her cats and her ratty sofa. And she lives a pretty good life in NYC with her young boyfriend and writing career. She'll be fine.

I don't like when the housewives fight -- I tuned out for most of last night. I did enjoy watching Sonja hand wash her lingerie in the bidet though. That woman is nuts, and she's fine with it. That's why I love her.