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#TheBachelorette Recap

My Reality TV Update #Bachelorette #SouthernCharm #RHONY

I'm on deadline, so TV has been background noise for the most part. But I just wanted to comment on the the new Bachelorette, etc. And hear your feedback!


I love Rachel as a bachelorette. She's smart, gorgeous and about more than getting married. THAT is what this franchise needed. Some fresh blood! Josiah the lawyer and Kenny the wrestler. Sadly, she had no chemistry whatsoever with Josiah -- and not much with Kenny. Girl, come on! But I guess you can't help that.


I loved the Marine who got kicked off, but I could be partial because my son is a Marine -- and he's from San Francisco.


I didn't like the guy who got kicked off and claimed it was a waste of time. Really? You don't have a few hours to figure out what you don't want? Milton, you're not a keeper in my book -- acquire some patience.

Onto Southern Charm and the weird etiquette Nazi named Georgette, who helped her design her weird Caftans with her dogs on them. They're $300 for a housecoat! My grandmother wore them and they're not elegant and classic. They're a freaking moo moo and you seem like a crazy cat (dog) woman in them. No bueno. Also, if you paid $3,000 for ANYTHING in India, they saw you coming a mile away, lady.


I'm sure Ms. Georgette is brilliant and very accomplished, but I did not like the homage to the giant diamond she was wearing.

As a person who lives in a place that's about 85% Indian, I thought it was weird that they all dressed up in "theme" dress. If I did that, my neighbors would all tell me how I was wearing it wrong. Guaranteed.

Is it wrong that I took a little pleasure in Thomas' dad dissing him a little? I'm not a fan of Thomas's, and I feel his underhanded, sneaky ways of trying to destroy Kathryn is pathetic and disgusting. Take note ladies, this guy will do that to whomever he's with to "win." To think, he's looking for his "soulmate" but now we hear he's dating the nanny's daughter. http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/kathryn-dennis-custody-battle-thomas-ravenel-dating-nanny-teen-daughter/

Dude, you're old. Date someone you have something in common with, how hard is that? You're not the stud you think you are. OMG, the time he was describing his khakis to Whitney and how all the women wanted him in those pants? Ugh.

Vomit-inducing. When I watched this show with my son's girlfriend, she asked why is everyone on this show so old and unattractive? Usually, reality shows are about young, hot people living interesting lives. LOL She mentioned some, but I'd never heard of them. Because I'm old. And I enjoy "Southern Charm." I can't wait to get to Charleston and see the real deal!


And I didn't get a chance to finish RHONY, but I'm loving Bethanny with Fredric. I'm sick of hearing about her ex though. She needs to move on and stop letting him affect her in any way.