Sunday Declared a National Day of Prayer!
When your mom is a writer!

Stop with the #ITMovie Commercials!

Oh my goodness, this commercial is terrifying. I literally only remember ONE other commercial that bothered me as much as this one. In high school, I was watching "Saturday Night Live" (back when it was funny) in my bedroom and the commercial for Chucky the Doll came on. Holy! For all things that spawn from Satan, that doll terrified me. Now, we have this wicked clown and why is it coming on during a Bravo show? I mean, really, is the Bravo audience going to see this movie? Maybe others are braver than me. Maybe I saw it on the "Scientology: The Aftermath" show. How great is that show?

I've always had a girl crush on Leah Remini, but she just continues to bring it home with the devastation that cult caused people. This week's struck me especially hard because the young man killed himself at 19 -- a few days before MY NOW-19 year old was born. He jumped out of a building. He was brilliant and had depression -- remember Scientology doesn't believe in Psychology.


I love this show because it shows how devastating emotional abuse and gaslighting can be. Bravo to her for listening to her heart and doing what's right despite the abuse she continues to take publicly.