Why Kristen Wiig is my Spirit Animal

Kristen Wiig is as warped as me when it comes to humor.  She just cracks me up.  Honestly, it's why I couldn't take her seriously in "The Martian" -- she just didn't fit the role of NASA Spokesperson.  However, I do love her independent films.  They're not for the faint of heart.  They're for people who have been through trauma in life and must laugh about it.  What else can you do?  Her new movie actually looks a little more dysfunctional than I can handle.  But I do love the spoof trailer she's done here.  Do you normals find it funny?  

Our Beloved Diann Hunt...

Diann has gone to be with Jesus. What a battle she put up against the monster that is ovarian cancer. And she didn't do it for herself. She just wasn't that person. She fought hard to be with her children and grandchildren. Always thinking of others.


I'm so glad she's out of pain, but I heard yesterday how some of her family members are inconsolable and that just kills me. Because their loss is so genuine. There are people that you speak kindly of when they've gone -- and there are those who are truly that person. Even through a nearly five year battle with cancer. There are not many people that you can truly say that about and that's why the loss is so great.

A lot of people asked me about my visit. I didn't get to see Di before she left us, but I know that it brought joy to her that I was coming. That's who she was. She made me feel like a million dollars for coming. I'll bet she's having a good laugh that Kristin was a day late and a dollar short.


Her movie, "For Better or Worse" will air on the Hallmark Channel next year on July 12th. Mark your calendars. That's such a great legacy for her, that she will continue to bring joy to the world through her books and now her movie.