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Britney Spears: The Woman in Me

Well, have you read Britney's new book?  Will you?  Are you interested? I really missed the whole Britney era. My kids were young and in Christian school so she wasn't on my radar. As a mother, I have grieved for her inability to trust anyone around her. Knowing people with mental illness, I was very against the "Free Britney" movement. In this country, mental illness is not taken seriously and once you're 18, because of privacy laws, we allow the mentally ill to be in charge of their own treatment.  Unfortunately, that is not a good decision for society. For example, in bipolar people, mania feels good. Who would take pills that dull your senses during that wonderful high? 

We've all seen the TikToks of Britney dancing, and I honestly want to hurt anyone who took advantage of her for money. They'll answer to God. How we treat the least of these does not go unnoticed. Why can't people just be decent? Arrgh. 

Anyway, even though I missed the Britney era, I did see her in concert when my daughter bailed on my son's friend. It was some kind of Christmas concert and it had Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and the Backstreet Boys. Britney and Justin were both very late and clearly being pushed out on stage like dancing monkeys. I felt awful for contributing to this mess. 

I love a good autobiography though, so I will probably be buying the book. I heard Michelle Williams is doing the audio so maybe I'll make the transition to audio with this one. Are you interested in this one?  I'm mostly interested because of how corrupt the entertainment industry is, and I hope there will be some insight into that.