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My Britney Book Review

Well, I ordered the audio book because I love Michelle Williams as an actress.  Everyone is saying she deserves a Grammy for her reading of this book. I'm going to be controversial and disagree.  I found her reading a little monotone.  There were highlights, like making fun of Justin Timberlake trying to speak to inner-city rappers. Hearing her break into "Fo shizzle" was entertaining. He definitely comes off like a dork in the book. 

I'm a big reader of memoirs and this one was really nothing special for me. It just made me feel sad. Her childhood was full of chaos and an alcoholic father, but Britney is never what I'd call a neurotypical child. She is driven from day one. She wants to be a star and stops at nothing. That kind of drive/ambition combined with talent, would be hard to parent. She gets very codependent on a lot of different people. First, her mother, then her brother. Then, the different boyfriends/husbands. All while being ruthlessly independent. Her personality would make me exhausted. 

When she gets into discussing her marriage, it really explains why she married Kevin Federline. Once she gets to be a parent, I can understand how she loves her boys, but she is really incapable of being a present mother figure.  It's troubling. Kevin really is a hero for parenting those boys and whatever she pays him, she should be grateful for his consistency. 61BWsc9eGbL._AC_UY436_QL65_

I think Britney is a lovely soul who has been done wrong by a lot of people, but I also can't imagine who could handle some of her left turns. The whole book sounds a bit like my 13-year-old diary with sex and parties added. I appreciated that she apologized to many in her past wake, but it wasn't a very interesting "read" for me.  Since she had $9 million in preorders, I doubt Britney will be worried about my review. 3/5 stars.