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Enjoying Life's Simple Pleasures...

I love Thanksgiving! People are around. Family is a priority and life's little pleasures pile up like Fall leaves. This week, my friend Colleen was in town, so we got to get pedicures together with her daughter and Cheryl. (AKA writer Hannah Alexander) What a fun day! 


Yesterday, my son Jonah and I got lunch at Cracker Barrel and he took me to the airport. Once in California, my son Seth picked me up and took me to the Olive Garden. Now, I can count on one hand how many times I've been to the Olive Garden, but I will never understand the hate this place gets. It was lovely. I took this pic and sent to everyone saying, "When you're here, you're family." Because I'm cliche and basic like that. But two meals with 50% of my kids, that is a win for one day!


This morning, I woke up and like he does every time I'm here, my dad drove me to Starbucks. It makes my brother thankful I'm here because he gets Starbucks when I come. Then, comes the enjoyment of sibling rivalry.  My brother is developmentally disabled and no matter how old we get, we will fight over a chair. It doesn't matter which chair I'm sitting in, my brother will want it. And my brother. Is. Relentless!! If I move, he'll come find me and need that chair. It's especially annoying when I have my computer out and I'm working, but it's the dance we do and truthfully, I appreciate the simple fun of it. It's like an ongoing, decades long game of Musical Chairs.

Finally, two of my childhood besties are here this week, so I get to see them and giggle. Nothing better than childhood friends who know you so well. Then, my mom and I will catch up on "The Crown" and maybe a few House Hunters episodes.  We'll do a Ravensburger puzzle or two...

So you can see why Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Oh, I forgot to add one: My mom makes homemade cranberry sauce, but I make her get the canned kind too, and leave the indents in it -- because it makes me happy. I eat both, but it's a small gesture that lets me know there is love in the world. 


What simple pleasures will you appreciate this week?