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I'm stuck...Random thoughts to avoid work! #amwriting #writingfiction

I'm 16k into writing my latest book. (Book 3 in the Pacific Avenue Series) and wow, I have been stuck on this chapter for a long time. If I didn't write linearly, that wouldn't be an issue, but as it is, I am looking for anything to distract me from this issue. Right now, I'm in Starbucks writing with a friend, but here I am blogging...handbag shopping...making a Christmas list...

The Golden Bachelor

Last night, I watched the latest episode of "The Golden Bachelor" and Gerry is not it for me. Let me preface this by saying I'm sure he's a lovely man, but I do not trust him to be a good boy in the Fantasy Suite.  Which has always been a gross concept to me anyway, but I definitely have the "ick" over old people in the fantasy suite. Teach the younger generation that it's about getting to know each other. I realize I have too much hope in the Bachelor realm, but there it is. 

I'm angry at him for telling two women he loved them. I think Theresa is the best fit so far even though she didn't know "Don't Stop Believing" on her date. For some reason, this is unforgivable to me. I know she was so into Gerry she wasn't paying attention to the flash mob, but that in itself is a little disturbing. She seems old-school worshipping of a man and I think he'd like that.  But he's a man, so he's probably more into Leslie, who has WAY too much energy for Gerry. He's going to want to sit out by the lake, and she's going to want to parachute into it. Not compatible in my mind. 

Who do you think he'll pick? 

Rage-watching Sister Wives

Admittedly, I have only watched the last two seasons of "Sister Wives" so I don't know if Robyn was every likable, but I do believe she is a shopaholic and single-handedly responsible for destroying that family. Every little thing that comes out of her mouth does not match her actions. Case in point: "I want to sit with my Sister Wives on the porch as we grow old." If that were true, she'd sit there now. She wouldn't make everyone sit out on the cold side yard in the snow because her house is inhospitable. What is that about?

Since Robyn, Kody has taken on a dark presence and doesn't think his children, nor apologizing to them, is a priority. Anyway, I'm done hearing from Kody and Robyn. Get them off my TV. Let's hear about Janelle's future and watch Christine's wedding. Unlike others, I have enjoyed watching Meri redecorate her carriage house and I want to see her make the big bucks.  I abhor watching Robyn's daughters with their Stockholm syndrome commentary. Man, I hope those kids make it out of there. Go to college. Get educated. Do not marry into polygamy!

Back to work now. Anyone watching or reading anything good? I started "House of Ho" on Max and I do love that family. Being from a majority Asian area, it makes me want to go back home. I love the Vietnamese culture, but that show makes me hungry.