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#Wonka Vision...

I finally saw "Wonka" and I'm a new Timothee Chalamet fan.  I thought he was fantastic as "Wonka" and I liked his upbeat, Disneylike version. I figure Willy Wonka wouldn't be so cynical just yet as a young man so that worked for me. He hadn't been through the "Oompa Loompa Wars" as yet.  ; )

I loved Hugh Grant's Oompa Loompa. He's such a fantastic curmudgeon and I do wish there were more scenes with him in it. The movie is a prequel to the original showing Wonka's origin story, which I thought was very creative.  The weak spot for me was the "Noodle" character.  She's adorable and she can sing, but it pulled me out of the fantasy at bit. The "chocolate cartel" did that as well. However, I loved the "Da Vinci Code" version of keeping candy secrets. It was delightfully weird. Wonka is worth a watch, but I probably won't see it again -- which is my measure for a great film. Images

I'll post a writing update next. I know it seems that I've gone AWOL and don't care a smidgen about my readers, but I promise you, that's not true. It just FEELS true.  Blessings on the New Year. Come on 2024! Get us out of this world where Biff goes back in time with the sports stats and bring us back to the future!