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California or bust!

My house officially goes on the market this week so I can move back home near my family. I am really looking forward to being back in the world I know.  I have never written normally nor consistently in Arizona. Maybe because I'm not quite myself here. I feel lost without my lifetime friends -- who put up with me and my quirks. I miss knowing where everything is, and how things work -- which I have never quite figured out here.  

It's not Arizona. Arizona is lovely. It's me. I live in the best neighborhood. There are a ton of parks. I can walk my dog at midnight, and the dog park is top tier here for my fur babies. Getting back to California will be a hard adjustment as I navigate where to live, but I do think it's going to be better for my writing. I miss my snarky self. Californians seem to get my humor.

Have you ever lived somewhere that stunted your personality? Or is that just me? Everything in Arizona is pretty perfect -- except it's not home. Have you ever lived somewhere you didn't belong? 

Anyway, the realtor took the real estate pictures this week and I had to laugh at my closet. If you look to the left, there are three signed posters of Adam Ant. I don't know why that cracks me up, but it's just so random that a grown woman has her high school idol pics on the wall. 

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 11.03.34 AM IMG_0648

I took this pic of Adam at the Saratoga Winery in California.