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And the winner is...HUGH JACKMAN!!!

Does anyone really care about the Oscars this year?  I mean, if you're out there, speak up. As for me, not so much this year.  I really can't think of any movie from the year that sticks out.  Wall-e was great film-making, but it wasn't my favorite.  And I didn't see the Dark Knight, so here's my picks based on Kristin-logic.  Or lack thereof, as the case may be.

Best Actor
    Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler because his beloved 18 year old dog died this week.  That just breaks my heart.  Plus, it's a come-back story.

And definitely not Sean Penn, because he so pathetically goes after roles where he thinks he can win one.  Dude, I still see Spicoli, what can I say?

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
    Heath Ledger, because even the posters scare me.

    Kate Winslet -- because she's been nominated a jillion times, and she is a fabulous actress.
    And really, does Meryl need another one?  We all know she's the Queen.
    Angelina doesn't get one just because she's already got that body and Brad.  Please, get off your greedy horse.

Supporting Actress
    Okay, this is a tie for me because I LOVE Amy Adams, but I think Taraji Henson deserves it for Benjamin Button.  She really stood out in that movie, and looking at Brad's shriveled self, it was hard to get attention, you know?  Marisa got hers already for My Cousin Vinny, right?  Nuff said.

Animated Film
    Wall-E was good film-making (oh and I saw Steve Jobs I think going down for the Oscars in a tux on Friday.  He must have had a party.)  But my vote is for Kung Fu Panda, because you know, the Panda had a duck for a father with no explanation.  I so loved that! 

Art Direction
    I have to give it to the Duchess, which is one of my favorite films of the year.

Cinematography.  Oh please.  Austrailia isn't nominated, and Hugh Jackman in the outback is all the cinematography anyone needs. 

Documentary Short, Documentary this, that, whatever.  Look it's a crowning achievement and all, but none of us will ever see these movies and so it makes the whole International award giving kind of stupid.  Not to mention, it's always some normal person like you or me in a rented tux or a gown without Spanx.  At the very least, they should hire these poor people a stylist if they're going to make them stand next to people who have been on a cleansing diet for five days and eat only ground flax seed in their coffee.

Best Picture:  I couldn't care less.  But I'm rooting for Slumdog Millionaire because I sure enjoy the Bollywood films when I'm at my Indian restaurants.  They're colorful, and that's good enough for me this year. 

The really bad thing is I can't judge the writing this year and that's usually my favorite category.  Some of my favorite films of all-time have won:  Moonstruck, A Fish Called Wanda (nominated that same year), Pillow Talk, Gone with the Wind, The Philadelphia Story, Casablanca, Miracle on 34th Street, Sabrina (nominated), To Kill a Mockingbird, Terms of Endearment, Amadeus, The Accidental Tourist (nomination -- this is my favorite book too!), Fried Green Tomatoes (nomination), Sense and Sensibility!!

I don't think any of the movies this year have staying power.  Meaning, I'll want to watch them in 20 years.  Heck, I don't want to watch them now.  (Except Doubt, so it gets my vote).  Benjamin Button just seemed like a bad copy of Forest Gump to me, only the clips from history didn't seem to make a difference to the story. 

Naturally, I'll tune in to see Hugh Jackman.  Yay, eye candy for those of us who don't care!  And naturally, I'll diss on the gowns.  I will say my favorite Oscar gown ever belonged to Cate Blanchett in her buttery, yellow Valentino.  And I loved Helen Mirren's dress the year she won for the Queen. 

Tell me your picks, anyone care about a particular nominee?