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Michelle Obama's Lanvin Sneakers

Michelle Obama has herself some cool, casual looks.  Here she's wearing her $540 Lanvin sneakers, and you know what?  I LOVE them.  They are so cute, and they make her giant feet look not so giant.  Tell me that every woman doesn't want that? 

You go Michelle, you look hot, and everyone who says we're in a recession, well, they can't afford $540 sneakers.  I can't, but I'm glad my First Lady can.  She looks great!

Christianity takes another hit...

This is why I don't have a fish on my car.  Lord knows if I'm going to get ticky in the car, and I don't want it reflecting on Jesus.  Because while I may be a Christian, I am so far from perfect.  And I'm Italian/Irish and have a wee bit of a temper.  I prefer to call it passion.  

So here's Mel Gibson on the red carpet with his new girlfriend.  What a prize she's getting, huh?  I really feel for his wife Robin trying to hold him together all these years.  You know it can't have been easy.  Especially not with six/seven kids?  I can't remember how many they have.  

Anyway, she got the young, hot Mel.  She gets the money.  I think she'll be all right.  And now she won't have to go to his weird church either.  I'd say that's a win-win.  It just goes to prove you can't really be married to someone who doesn't show up for the relationship.  You can put on a good show, but ultimately, God sees our hearts.

And to focus on the happy things, thought I'd put a photo of Hugh Jackman at the same London premier of "Wolverine". Mel&girlfriendHgu

Diving Deep!

I have two sides to me.  One, enjoys the shallow aspects of life like nobody's business.  Reality TV?  Check.  Tinkerbell pajamas?  Check.  Disneyland sans kids?  Check.

But then, I have this other side.  I am fascinated by how people work, what aspects make up the different personalities, the psychology of character.  Granted, I get a little of that in Us Weekly, but nothing like in great writing:  Thomas Hardy, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Doestoevsky...stuff that the masses aren't that interested in anymore, but they were the psychologists of their day.  They tore into the human psyche and it's hard to find that today, unless someone is trying to justify their bad behavior.  (Have you noticed the sleeping around tell-all books out there?  Listen, call me a prude, but I don't want to know who you slept with, and I certainly don't want details.  Blech.)  Anyway, back to Mondays.

Personally, I am not into "Dancing with the Stars".  You know, I'm a child of the 80's, I already had "Solid Gold" so that part of my life has been conditioned already.  This means Mondays are a blank for me television-wise.  Continuing with my Russian phase, I started "The Brothers Karamazov" last night.  It will take me forever to read it, so don't time me.  I like my Russian lit slow.  But in this introduction, Dostoevsky wrote this and I feel completely justified:

"Man is a mystey.  It needs to be unravelled, and if you spend your whole life unravelling it, don't say that you wasted time.  I am studying that mystery becasue I want to be a human being."

So there you have it, I watch "The Bachelor" because I want to be a human being.  That's not a stretch, is it?

Monday Morning

I get that if this is the biggest problem I have, I have no problems.  Let me preface my post with that.  As many of you know, my pet peeve is people who buy coffee beans during the morning coffee rush, but to do it on a Monday?  That is downright spiteful.

This morning, a tall professor-type rushes into the door before me.  No, he does leave it open for me.  Listen, this isn't about chivalry.  I don't slam a door in someone's face either (male or female).  So we know this guy is clueless already.  But he walks up to the register, though there's no one there.  (the gal is helping some other loser get coffee beans)  He paces like a rabid dog until she comes, then he orders half a pound of whole beans.  Which tells me two things.  One, he's alone, and two, for ordering on Monday morning, he deserves to be.

After he orders his beans, he orders a muffin, which she puts in a bag.  "No, I want it on a plate WITH a knife and fork.  So our heroine must rework the muffin thing onto the plate.  After that, Patrick (the barista) makes his latte and the professor wants a spoon. A real spoon.  Dude, this ain't Denny's.  If you want cutlery, go to a restaurant.  He makes sure he gets his $1.70 off for coffee credit and apparently, he adds well in his head because he didn't.  

So he finally sets himself up at a table, with all his accouterments around him, but wait, he's not gone.  Luckily, Patrick has taken my cup and started my soy mocha.  He's back for his receipt!  Which I imagine is going to go on top of the mountain of receipts he keeps from 1964 in his dining room, where he hasn't seen the table in 25 years.  

Must do some Bible time and get over my Monday morning Peet'sCoffee  annoyance.

My name is Kristin and I am an addict.

I had to get shampoo yesterday.  Simple errand right?  Except the beauty store is right next to Loehmann's, and if you're a handbag addict, Loehmann's is a dangerous venture.  

I'm here to say I survived.  I did say goodbye to the handbag after carrying it on my shoulder around the store.  Which my daughter found very strange, but whatever.  I walked out without the Elliott Lucca shopper in Poppy with the braided leather strap and the like-buttah design.  I looked online all night and I could not find this handbag.  It was very unique and apparently, only at Loehmann's.  

There's a recession on.  Did you know?  And I totally do not need a handbag, though I am annoyed I have a "like-everyone-else" Coach bucket bag.  I can trade it out and use another one.  It's no big deal.  It's certainly not worth a full day's obsessive thoughts, especially when I have a book to write, so that I might actually MAKE some money to pay for this weird obsession.

We have too much in America.  I'm purging the extra stuff I do not need.  The handbag addiction has to go.  Pray for me.  : )  

Update:  Should have bought the purse.  Went to the ER for two staples in my kid's head  Copay was same price as the handbag.  If I'd bought it, it wouldn't have happened right?

Earth Day...

Has anyone watched the "House Hunters" green week specials?  First off, I have to say that people who take green-living to a religion are really annoying.  They have to love their house because no one is inviting them anywhere.  You never hear the green folks say, "It's a great space for entertaining," because the dogma of their way of life is too much for most people to take.  To be a green builder, you've got to have a few criteria like an energy alternative (solar panels) and other green materials such as carpet recycled from old tires and/or energy star appliances.

I am ALL for saving the earth, but this delusional selling point that you're living green, is no more than a marketing ploy.  Example?  The first green guy hates the shag recycled carpeting (brand new house) so he's going to pull it out to bring in something better.  Okay, how are you saving the earth if you're throwing away perfectly good carpet because you don't like it?  The other guy says the same thing about the linoleum (also new).  Do you know what the half-life on linoleum must be?  

You know when they go on House Hunters International and most countries just leave the furniture with the house?  It's like, it doesn't have to be perfect.  Home is not about stuff.  Have you seen how small the rest of the world's kitchens are?

Green in America should be about reducing our footprint on the earth.  I have to admit after watching Oprah and the Pacific Ocean garbage dump, I was really convicted.  I'm not buying bottled water any longer.  I had no idea that there's plastic floating like that in the ocean.  It broke my heart, and with six people in this house, bottled water MUST be done away with -- especially during soccer season.  I bought everyone their own special water bottle and told them nothing but water is to go into it.  I also started taking my cup with me to Peet's.  No more plastic coffee cups.  

Energy is going to be our weakness.  I love me my electronics.  I'm better with the water here because we're on a neighborhood well and I don't want to be a water hog. 

My point is that these families are no more green than you and me.  They're fooling themselves.  Yes, they have solar, which is great, but they still chose the big house over bike riding to work in one case.  

In the other, they did a complete "green" remodel throwing out God knows how many perfectly good items.  Not to mention, the house was ginormous and there's only two of them.  

As Americans we need to look at the rest of the world to see what we really need.  My grandmother raised her family in 900 square feet.  She often had her sister's three kids living there.   I am really worried about all the unnecessary packaging going on for products we buy.  All that plastic!

So if you have any great, easy-to-follow ideas for going green (to take care of God's earth) pass them on, but if you want to sell me something, I'm not having it.  Unless it's of fine Italian leather.IMG_2070

Craigslist Killer (Alleged)

I am SOO mad about this!!  If this guy did this, he is a complete scary monster who thinks he is above others in level of importance.  A narcissistic sociopath.  Is he so stupid that he doesn't know what an IP address is?  Oh yeah, there's brilliance for you.  The terrible thing about his intellect, is he did know where to shoot to kill a person, and I'm so sorry for the beautiful girl taken by this alleged MONSTER.

But forget all that for a minute and let's go back to stupid women, which is of course, my pet peeve.  This guy's fiancee??  She needs to just step back and stop defending this doof and look at the evidence.  Even if he isn't guilty of THIS, he is not the person she thinks he is.  Oh my gosh, ladies, do not be afraid of the truth.  It's the lies that kill you.  So here's the evidence:

1.  They tracked Markoff through his emails with the murdered woman.
2.  He switched email accounts the day before he killed her.
3. They put his home under surveillance & he matched the description.
(all circumstantial, I give you that!)

4. A search of his house yielded a firearm, restraints, and duct tape, and other items, including women's panties that may have been souveniers from his crimes.

Now, even if you think someone is the best person in the world.  This has got to make you wonder, you know?  Duct tape and a gun?  Women's panties that aren't yours?  I don't know about you, but this is not okay in my house.  You're not bringing in other women's lingerie.  Maybe it's just a thing with me, but here's what his fiancee says, and I get where she is, but I am just praying she opens her eyes and considers the facts:

Markoff's fiancée, Megan McAllister, defended him in an e-mail she sent to ABC News, according to "Good Morning America's" website.

"Unfortunately you were given wrong information as was the public," McAllister wrote in the e-mail. "All I have to say to you is Philip is a beautiful person inside and out and could not hurt a fly! A police officer in Boston (or many) is trying to make big bucks by selling this false story to the TV stations. What else is new?? Philip is an intelligent man who is just trying to live his life so if you could leave us alone we would greatly appreciate it. We expect to marry in August and share a wonderful, meaningful life together."

I do believe "I couldn't hurt a fly," is exactly what Norman Bates said in Psycho.  Be willing to face the truth, Meagan.  He just might not be who you think.  May Julissa Brissman rest in peace.

Ted Haggard...

Preacher Ted was back on Oprah today, and I was anxious to see how things had turned out since he'd been open about his fall from grace.  Oprah said something very profound on the show, that the culture of the Christian community had created an unsafe place for Ted, that we expected our leaders to be perfect.

On the same show she had an update on Mary Winkler, who had shot her preacher husband because of emotional/sexual abuse.  If you saw the shoes he made her wear, I'd have to say I'd worry about any man who wanted his wife to wear that getup.  It just implied be a hooker, and a lack of real intimacy.  She did get her kids back, by the way.  But I have to say, this book I'm writing, that is currently not being published was based on this story.  No shooting or anything, only the emotional abuse and the toll it takes.  Mary Winkler snapped.  I wondered what would happen if Mary had acted godly.  Would it have been acceptable for her to divorce him?  Or would her life had been worse? 

No one has the right to take someone's life.  I'm not saying that, but I'm really curious about the Christian culture creating the fake "perfect" image and people afraid to be who they really are.  Did we make it easier to Mary to kill a man vs. divorce him?  We are all sinners, and yet we're so unaccepting of someone else's sin -- like divorce, trouble with gay tendencies, etc. 

We're responsible for our actions, but are we compassionate enough to bring other sinners into our fold?  If you have watched "Celebrity Rehab", you've seen the family/community that addicts make for themselves to get healthy.  They're so blatantly honest because they have nothing left to lose.  The thing is, we're no better people at the church, just better at hiding it. 

The Perfect Prom

I'm writing a young adult novel about, you know, the most important thing in a young woman's life:  the prom.  Okay, so maybe it wasn't YOUR most important thing, but it was somebody's.  Truthfully, I can't really remember mine and that wasn't because I drank.  I was never a drinker (too much of a control freak) -- meet your designated driver.  Well, that's not true either, because I didn't like to be around drunk people, so I just stayed home.

In any event, my memories of the evening are not fast and furious.  I remember the dress.  Which was tacky and white lace (PBS had just aired Pride & Prejudice).  I remember the hair, which was big and buoyant.  I remember the date, who was depressing and a non-dancer (yeah, that was fun!)   So my heroine is going to have a much better time, because now I get to choreograph this shindig and I'm picking a better date too. And Beth, if you're out there, you will NOT reveal anything more about said date.  I have too much information for that.  Capiche?

I don't remember much else, and perhaps that's a survival technique.  It was in San Francisco at the Hyatt (where High Anxiety was filmed).  Is that still a Hyatt on the Embarcadero?  Not sure about that, but if you have any good prom memories for me to strike up my creative muse, I'm all for hearing them.  I bought a prom magazine, and I'm curious about the girl who would wear the peekaboo, show me your tummy dress.  Let's hope it isn't made to hold the baby bulge that comes later.  Oh that was bad.  But please girls, if you're out there, do not wear the open tummy look, k?  You will regret it, as I regret my mile-high hairdo that night.  If I had a picture, I'd share it, but I have no idea where one might be.  I just know it was not pretty.

Happy Tuesday!  It's SO beautiful here.  Hot and a "spare the air" day, which means no household chores, BBQs or exercise.  : )  


It's 98 degrees here.  Used the handicapped placard at school again today.  Last time, someone called the cops on me.  Today, it went something like this.

"Are you here to help with parking lot duty?"
"No, I'm here to get my daughter?"
"Are you handicapped."
"Oh good.  Okay."

Now, I know the man didn't mean that, but what is up with people policing the world?  Sheesh.  We've got murders and robberies happening in this town, and people are so stinkin' worried I might get a closer parking place.  What is up with that?  Were these people all hall monitors in school?  Did they all move to Silicon Valley?  Maybe I should get myself a T-shirt that reads, "I have MS and it is stinkin' HOT today.  Get out of my way!"  Or perhaps, "I have MS.  What's your problem?"  Just a thought.  I'm grumpy.  It's hot and that makes me feel all expanded and confused.  I hate the heat. 

And I had a lovely day, so it's only the heat.  I wrote a chapter and lunch in Half Moon Bay at, voted best LobsterViewfromSams Rolls by the Today Show.  I don't know what a lobster roll is, but apparently, this place does it right.  I had crab.  And it's hot, so I am a crab. But life is good.  You can't enjoy this view AND eat crab, and not know that life is good.

I'm done with the field trips though.  I have to get back to work, and I plan to get serious tomorrow.