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American Idol

For some reason I cannot stomach Kara on American Idol anymore.  It started out good, but now every time she talks, I want to smack her.  We get it, you know music okay?  Let someone else talk.  The way she speaks, like she knows everything and we should all be quiet to hear her wisdom.  I don't know, makes me cranky. 

So I forward though her, which annoys my orderly husband, but the kids are with me.  They yell SHUT UP when she talks.  Did you know that's a bad word in some people's house?   But you know, some people don't encourage yelling at the TV either.  Who wants to watch it with them?

I've sort of lost interest in Adam Lambert too.  Everyone made such a big deal of him, but I liked Styx's Renegade by Kris & Danny.  I LOVE that song.  I think the negativity of the four judges gets to me.  That's why I don't like "Celebrity Apprentice", it rewards people for being jerks.  That might work in the business world, it might even make you rich, but it makes you a toxic human being.