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That's What I Like About You!

Book_anathema I went to the bookstore on Sunday, and you know, the inspirational section was depressing for me.  Why?  There's not much chick lit (well, there's more now that I turned all my friends books out, but that's another story.)  Melody Carlson, Tamara Leigh, you are prominent now.  

So I went over to the secular section, and there's Chick, Chick, Chick in women's fiction.  A new one by Jennifer Weiner, Jen Lancaster (non-fiction) but there were plenty of first-person women's tales.  In the Inspy section?  It's one bonnet story after another.  Now, no offense to my friends who write Amish books, but I don't get it.  Of course, I've never seen an Amish person, and the idea of living without electricity makes me want to explode, so I fail to see the point.  

Colleen Coble, my writing bud, wrote one, but she murdered someone, so I'm letting her off the hook.  When someone told her that it was the best Amish book they'd read, she suggested some other books of hers.  But that reader only read the Amish books. What?  That's like saying you only read books set in Idaho.  I'm missing it.  Fill me in.  

I get that conspicuous consumption is out, but does that mean we have to romanticize a life without outside influence?  I don't know, it just sounds miserable to me.  My favorite thing in the world is understanding how people are different, so why would I want to read about people who think/act the same after I've read it once?  

Hey, a book being slothful in Hawaii? I could get into that.  But growing my own food? Not so much.   

Here's the thing, I get who I am.  No one is ever going to buy me as an Amish author.  I was thinking about what I liked about Chelsea Handler, since she is definitely not a Christian and has equally strong opinions, most of which disagree with my own.  

I figured it out.  Chelsea knows herself.  She knows that she is not nice for society's sake.  If she doesn't like you, she'll outright tell you.  And I admire her honesty.  It mystifies me that someone could SO NOT care what you thought, that she'd write an entire book about her one night stands.  

I wish we Christians were as honest about who we are.  I know there are many sweet Christians who cannot fathom what I'm talking about, but I think we can love people into the Kingdom by letting them know we are not perfect.  Only saved by Grace.  It's hard to show that when we expect so much from our Christian heroines.