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The Prom...

So last night was the big night.  Prom!  Beth and I went out to dinner and we had a waiter who looked like Lee Mead.  If you don't know who he is, he's who I think should play Darcy in "Pride & Prejudice -- the Musical".  There is no such animal, but you know, there should be.  Anyway, I was giggling so hard about something, I snorted when he came up for our order.  ROFLOL  I'm so glad I'm not on the market anymore.  I'm sure the men of Silicon Valley feel the same way.

Anyhoo, we went to our comedy show, which was vile and I'm sorry to say, hysterical.  I laughed so hard.  Both our stomachs hurt when we left.  If you've read Chelsea Handler's books, she is not for the faint of heart and in person?  It was pretty raw.  So we were having dinner and there are two couples beside us going to the show, and Beth and I are laughing, going these women are taking their husbands to Chelsea?  Get a life, this is a girls' night out if it's anything.  I'm sure the men had no clue what they were in for, and that made us laugh through dinner as we listened to them give an account of Chelsea's TV show.  Which is Chelsea edited and with a delayed taping.

So after the show, we drove to the hotel for Prom.  All the kids were lined up to get their breathe into the Breathalyzer.  That was a fun job when "Swine Flu" is going around.  Letting kids blow on you.  I LOVED Beth's work friends that I've heard so much about.  People who work with teenagers are just awesome.  You can't be anything but funny when you deal with teens.

They all warned me that by the end of the night, the dance floor would do I say this?  Remember Dirty Dancing?  Well Baby would have stayed in her corner if she saw today's version.  

So all the kids looked darling.  So many of them matched.  Guys in their tuxes with vests and ties to match their dates' dresses.  Because the school is mostly Asian, the boobage count was relatively low.  Most of the girls looked beautiful and tasteful.  One girl, Lily, even made her own incredible gown and her friend's!  Which was one of my best dresses of the night.  She wants to be a designer, and I'd say she's well on her way.  My other favorite was something I would never guess.  It was a mauve/pink zebra mini dress and it had a darling ruched, bubble skirt.  

There were some bad animal prints, too.  One in particular had a black/white zebra top with an orange skirt.  Okay.... I also suggested to Beth that there be a class on the benefits of Spanx.  It's never too early to suck it in, girls.  

The worst dress of the night was a baby doll gown that started it's spread at the top of the back and ended slightly below the bum.  Like a big, tulle triangle with two legs sticking out the bottom.  It made me want to sing, "On the Good Ship Lollipop".  

There was drama.  Couple fights where one of the couple walks away, the other follows...or doesn't.  Oh girls, life is too short for that kind of life.  Keep on walking.  It's not you.  It's him.  You cannot fix him.

The smell of chocolate filled the air near the dance floor.  There was a chocolate fountain and lots of desserts at its base.  May I just say, I love the girls willing to eat in front of their dates.  The music was horrible and the dancing made me want to get my ruler to separate people, but Beth told me I hadn't seen anything yet.  Ugh.  I already wanted to scratch my eyes out, isn't that enough?

You know how principals set the tone for the whole school?  Well, I loved the principal and his wife.  That's a great sign for the school.  I enjoyed this prom better than my own.  I'd forgotten my boyfriend wouldn't dance.  What  a freak.  Like anyone was watching him.  I got plenty of ideas and I'm back to work.