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Plushenko still rules...

I watched the Exhibition skating today.  That's still my favorite.  The non-competing skating where they get to skate to their own music, to what makes them feel passion on the ice. LOVE it!

So I got to see Plushenko in his passionate free skate versus Lysacek bore me again through "Rhapsody in Blue".  Snore.  Did you hear Scotty get excited ONCE during Lysacek's skate?  You did not.

I loved Rochette's beautiful skate as well.  To be able to perform after the death of her mother.  She is just amazing.  My new heroine.  

Okay, I've started enough trouble.  Going back to work now.  Finishing the book today.  YAY!

A Writer's Day...

I'm across town today.  Holed up in a room with no television, no radio, no outside communication, other than the local high tech company's Internet I'm stealing right now. This is my only conversation today.  It happened at "Trader Joe's" where I went to stock up my fridge with Tejava, brie, apples, strawberries and sourdough.  Writers' sustenance.

Oh wait, a minute, I went to Starbucks this morning too, but I didn't talk to anyone.  This is the single side of town, and apparently, single people don't shower before they head to Starbucks in the morning.  Hate to point out the obvious here, but...

So I'm at TJs and I'm wearing my yoga pants & my I Love Mr. Darcy shirt. The guy says, "So are you going to marry Mr. Darcy?"

"It's my nerd shirt.  He's the hero in Pride & Prejudice."

"What's that?"

"The book, Pride & Prejudice, he's a character.  I'm a writer."

He's not following.

"It's like 'Star Trek' for girls."

"Oh, okay, got ya.  Thought you were getting married."

I need human contact.  I need bad reality TV.  I need some freakin' stimulation!  I can't just write!  I have to stop and do the Wii Fit.  I have to play with the dog for awhile.  I have to cart a kid here or there.  This straight work thing is going to send me to the looney bin.  And it's not like I shouldn't have been there before.  Memories....light the corner of my mind.  Misty water-colored memories...HELP!IMG_0105

Coach gets it right with "Kristin Collection"

It was time Coach should have a handbag named for me.  Heaven knows, I've invested enough in the company over the years.  Did you notice, they even spelled it right.  KrisTIN, not the false spelling.  

Buttery leather is fabulous, but a compartmented bag that matches my daily jeans for $42?  Recessionista love, thy name is JCPenney, NOT Kristin:

 Photo on 2010-02-26 at 11.24

Real Housewives on Planet OC...

I'm sick of the Olympics.  I can't focus to watch the figure skating as I come into the homestretch on my second YA novel.  Needing something mindless, I turned on "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

One of the housewives has been evicted from their rental. She's living with her daughters at her mom's house.  Hubby is at a hotel.  They meet to talk of their future and she tells him, "I'm going white.  I haven't gotten spray-tanned."  Okay, really? That's your sacrifice?  That freaky orange glow?

Another "housewife" is starting her own cosmetic line.  The problem is see with this line is that they all use the same shade of blonde and they're applying to orange skin.  This translates to the rest of the world, how?

A third wife is on the verge of divorce and they show her turning 42, but when she was 40, she had a party on a boat and got a diamond Rolex.

Finally, there's the new girl, whose rack gives me a backache.  Seriously, who wants to carry those things around by CHOICE?  If you're a housewife and not a porn star, I fail to see the point.  Call me crazy but I like to enter a room at the same time as the rest of me.  So this one has brought her beautiful mother to the OC to get a browlift.  Her mother is nearly 60 and has NOT a wrinkle.  She's gorgeous.  I imagine we'll see her next week, orange, plastic and sporting the same tone of blonde as the rest of them.

That show just makes me sad.  It makes me sad that you can get to be 40-something and your day revolves around your tanning schedule.  It hurts that people lose their ability to escape to addictions like shopping and Botox, and not notice your family is ripping apart. Watching their catfights makes me wonder how they have that kind of energy to devote to such hurt. It's not healthy.

When Diann came down with cancer, we all FELT it.  We all couldn't work and we all devoted ourselves to prayer and seeing her through to health.  I don't want to watch people whine about their lost Rolexes.  Whenever God closes one door, a window opens.  You can choose to stand there staring at the closed door, or face the blue sky from the window.  Rolexes, mansions, Mercedes, it's NOTHING if you don't have what matters in life.  If the most someone can say about you at your eulogy is what you owned?  You lost.

Priorities...How do you decide?

With so much to do in this lifetime, and an uncertain amount of time to do it in, how do you decide what drives you?

I've been looking over my Australia account because I want to do one big trip with the kids before they're off to college.  No one actually wants to go to Oz except me because of all the animal shows and statistics they can quote me.  Dang you "Shark Week!"  

Actually, I love Shark Week because it was that time when the boys and I came back to the Bay Area and stayed in a hotel, while we looked for rentals.  So it brings up happy thoughts, I see those teeth, and I think I AM NOT GOING TO BE IN THE COUNTRY ANYMORE!!! WOOOHOO!!  

But I digress, as usual.  If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you'll know we had to sell my beloved house in Saratoga.  I STILL cannot see a picture of it without wanting to burst into tears.  I had refinished the floors myself, revamped the kitchen, updated a bathroom and countless repairs the naked eye couldn't see, including two MAJOR floods, a new sewer line and a busted water main under the driveway.  I was on a first-name basis at Home Depot.  But that home was my baby.  

We're in a townhouse that my husband owned before we got married.  DH wasn't sure he'd be able to get a job, and he didn't want to get into trouble with the house, so we sold before that happened.  Of course, he got a job right away and I still lost my house, but I have to look at it as God's will.  Otherwise, I will dry-heave again.

So now that I've realized I'm going to be stuck here for awhile.  Because I don't want to move again. Wait, one more side note.  When I was dating DH, we came to this place to paint for new tenants.  I OWNED NOTHING, mind you, except a big pile of debt on an AWESOME GT Convertible Mustang, but I came in here and said to myself.  "Who would BUY this ugly house?  Did he not notice there is no style whatsoever?  No bones?"

What I said? "It's nice that you have this place too." It didn't agree with DH either, but it was in the right neighborhood:  Location, location, location.  Okay, ugly, ugly, ugly?  But to an engineer, that doesn't mean anything.  It was an easy rental and he didn't have to live here.  Ahem.

Vacations, home repairs and remodels, handbags, these are the kind of things I pay for my writing money.  Because if it's working, DH sees no reason to fix anything, change anything or go anywhere.  But I have to ask you, what would YOU do about Australia if you were stuck here?  The first two pictures are my last two kitchens.  The final one is my current one.  And actually, the cabinets look nice in the photo.  They're not.  What would you do?  Cheap remodel to live with it?  Or just sock it away for the trip and close your eyes when you cook?


Kitchen #1 in Auburn. Now my mom and dad live here.

Kitchen #2 in Saratoga.  Old cabinets, but I painted, added bead board, tile, granite countertops and new appliances.  I LOVED this kitchen.  In the bigger one above, by the time I crossed that big kitchen, my ADD had jumped in and I'd forgotten what I was getting/doing.

And finally, the before...I mean after:


The floor is GHASTLY and FEELS dirty no matter what I do to it.  My kids, three RAUCOUS boys will not walk on it barefoot.  That big cabinet in the back left is something I bought at the consignment center to use as a pantry because I found out, I cannot cook without a pantry.  My brain gets too sidetracked.

Oversharing with the Bachelorettes

Sorry gang, somehow I forgot to post this last night after I wrote it.

I will try to sum up enthusiasm for the most boring rehash of the most boring Bachelor series in recent memory.   First off, is there anyone out there who thinks this is remotely real any longer?  I mean, what is up with wanting to be famous?  Didn't we leave that battle at the high school lunch table where it belongs?

Short answer: No we did not.  As evidenced by the new and fun franchise of let's get slutty in Vegas with other Bachelor/Bachelorettes, called fittingly, The Bachelor gives Back.  "It's like we're a fraternity!"  No, it's like it's like you are a walking advertisement for STDs.  What I hate about these interviews, is everyone tries to vie for who can be the biggest, raging JERK for some camera time.  I think Wes was our winner, incidentally.

So we get to see some familiar faces romp around in swimsuits at a Vegas bar, and then fast-forward to the AMAZING, good work that the Bachelor franchise does now.  Is there no end to what these people will do for press?  Did you see the little Saint Lucia kids, "Yeah, we have no idea who you are.  Leave the computer equipment and walk away slowly; short white man in bad tropical wear."

Let's talk for a minute about how all these people had JOBS, and suddenly, they seem like losers with nowhere to be during the day.  You know what this franchise is now?  This is what people do INSTEAD of wait tables hoping to be discovered and be seen as a real ACTOR.  You had your fifteen minutes.  Next!

Speaking of acting, Ali's nice girl act to make nice with Vienna, so that she can be the next Bachelorette was disgusting.  If you fall for her?  I'm worried for your discernment skills.  Go read some Austen.  Ali was fed her lines and her "brand" by producers and PR gurus alike to get her ready for the Bachelorette.  Which I am totally NOT watching.  BTW, did you notice my favorite Reid, a guy with a REAL job who should have been this year's bachelor was nowhere to be found?  That's right, people because he has an actual job.

How is it that all these GORGEOUS people are all still single?  Maybe some of the work needs to be done on the inside.  Just a thought.

Poor Vienna, she's been skewered in the tabloids.  Translation.  "Did you hear that skewered.  And do you want to know why?  Because she is a moron who cannot compete with the likes of me and I want to make sure none of you miss who's right here.  "I'm SO sorry, Vienna." She says to the camera with all the sincerity of a losing politician. If she IS the next Bachelorette, you mark my words, you will not be able to stomach her by week three.

So I still love Gia.  I think she should have been the next Bachelorette.  I also think she would have made a good couple with him.  But he's too needy to trust that she wasn't falling over with love for him, since Vienna was willing to gush.  Tenley:  She's there because Jake doesn't want to seem like the bad guy letting her go, I mean she's the PERFECT wife, right?  Maybe if you see me pick Vienna over her, you'll understand I wanted to do the right thing, but then...then there was a love that could not be denied.

Finally, onto Rozlyn and the train wreck that had to happen since she, being a single mother, had to defend her honor.  Forget the fact that there is no such thing on this show.  She proceeds to lie, though everyone calls her on her version of the truth.  She doesn't let that bother her, she just hurls some accusations of her own.  Lies.  And lies badly, I might add.  Then, she digs her hole a little deeper with the fact that she's met the producer's dad and he drove across country to see her.  Oh yeah, that's nothing.

My biggest issue with the night was how utterly catty our Chris Harrison has turned.  It's bad enough he has to say this is the MOST AMAZING CONCLUSION ever, at every closing to every scene or find a way to say, "Ladies, the last rose." without busting up.  But then, to watch him cat fight with Rozlyn, and try to get her to admit to something, I just thought, you know, he is EXACTLY like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde when she proves her murder case because of her perm knowledge.  There is no leaving with your dignity in tact -- even if it is the most AMAZING exit EVER seen on the Bachelor!

Rozlyn demonstrated one of my most-hated pet peeves.  People who throw things back at you rather than answer your question or admit to their failures.  I think Tiger might be free soon, Roz. Never fear.

Oz, Home of Hugh Jackman, or Bust...

So Johnny Weir loves all things Russian.  Don't get that.  Of course, my Russian boss was the meanest woman on the planet, so it doesn't evoke warm fuzzies in me. But I feel this love for Australia that Johnny feels for Russia.  (Sorry George, if you're reading this.  We'll come to Russia one day just AFTER Australia.)

My love for all things Aussie started way back when Olivia Newton John crooned how honestly she loved someone.  Okay, maybe it started before that with a furry koala I coveted until I earned the money to pay for it. Then, it was onto high school and my new obsession with "The Thorn Birds".  I just watched it Friday, in fact.  And I cannot pick up that book without getting into it all over again.

So my Aussie love has transcended the generations and my son LOVES the Garth Nix Keys to the Kingdom series.  They've been waiting for eons for the final book to come out.  It's not out in America for another month, and we have it on preorder, but my lovely Aussie friend, Nicole sent him a hot off the presses, Aussie version.

This koala is sick outside her classroom, so it couldn't climb down from the tree.  How cool is that?  A koala like a squirrel or something.

Cate Blanchett is my style icon.  Hugh Jackman is...well, he's Hugh Jackman, do I really need to say anything else? And Russell Crowe is my favorite actor, outside Colin Firth.

Today, I learned that "With this Ring, I'm Confused" will be published in German, so I've got more money to add to the Aussie fund, and it's a good thing too because Nicole sent me a tourist photo book of Brisbane, so I can covet.  Oz, here we come!


The Blonde Wentworth Persuaded Me...

I liked him, y'all were right -- on the Masterpiece Classic version -- the blonde Captain Wentworth. But I didn't care for that screenplay at all.  Masterpiece left out a pertinent part of the story and though he was a hot Wentworth, he wasn't masculine enough for a sea captain.  It is not to be born!

I have been two days with no television and wrote in a "race" with other authors to see how much we could do in a set time period.  Never underestimate the competitive nature.  Speaking of which, tonight is Bachelor: The Girls Leach All and though I don't usually like this show, I'm excited to see Jake face his FIRST bikini model love: Rozlyn.  Rozlyn's a bright girl.  I think she could have won it all and given Vienna a run for her money.  See?  The guys do it too.  They SAY they want the nice girl, but do they really?  We'll have to wait and see.  But if the rumors are to be believed, Jake chooses with his hormones.  I thought he got WAY too excited about Rozlyn up front, and couldn't see what she was about.  Dude, yes, she was out of your league.  It wasn't some deep love connection, it was a beautiful woman getting her way.

Since you're a Bible reader, may I suggest the story of Delilah, Mr. Jake?

In the grocery store I just saw a rag asking, "Is Jake Gay?"  Come on, if he were gay would he be that boring?  Would his suits be cut wrong?  No, he's not gay.  He's boring, and it's offensive to gay people.  Just sayin'

I LOVE this dress!

 Carey Mulligan rocked this dress.  I LOVE it.  This is the kind of dress that if I tried it on and it fit me like that, I would FIND a reason for it.  Which I did in college.  I found the softest pink, form-fitting, cut-on-the bias formal mini dress in soft, ruched fabric in a magazine, and I had to have it.

Wouldn't you know it, this guy asked me to a fraternity party that week.  It was all the excuse I needed.  Let me explain that I am not a frat boy type of girl.  Never dated one.  I put them in the same category as athletes.  I was never into them either.  Find me a nerdy brainiac and I am a happy chick.  Anyhoo, I went to this dance which was in Capitola at the restaurant there that you take the trolley down to.  Can't remember the name, but it is fancy.  And I had that dress, you know? I was rocking the dress.

Okay, the evening goes down from here.  The most romantic restaurant with someone you are SO not into is painful.  There are these long, uncomfortable silences.  You try to find something to connect on, but yeah, the fact that his IQ and my dress size were the same didn't really work for us.

We get to the dance, which is a bunch of drinking frat boys now well into the night.  I never drank in college, and I hate nothing more than being around drunk people.  (Don't I sound like a barrel of laughs?)  But you can't have deep, intimate conversations when you're drunk, so you can't connect, so I fail to see the point.  And if you do have a deep conversation, will you remember it?

So as the dance progresses and my date gets drunker, he announces he has a hotel room.  "For what?" I ask him.  "For us," he replies.

"Us, as in you and..."

He laughs.  Yeah, that is comical because I am a smart girl.  And I brought my car and unlike you, I am sober enough to drive it over the dangerous Highway 17 to go back home to San Jose State.  I guess my point is, the dress was ruined by the event.  Have an even if you're going to rock a dress.  Carey Mulligan does.  She's up for a British award for "An Education".  I simply got one I didn't need.

Such nice readers I have!

But I have to tell you that you don't have to respectfully disagree.  You can disagree with me.  I love knowing how and why the world thinks the way it does.  I do not expect you to agree with me, especially when I'm picking well-known narcissistic skaters over the American favorite.  But this is the thing about my blog.  I relish your opinion, even if it's not mine.  K?  K.   IMG_0111
 The world is my oyster.  And it's yours too.  : )