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Life Imitates Art...

Sandra Bullock has a new black baby.  And ooh my goodness, this is the CUTEST  baby, and look at those sweet cheeks.  Oh my gosh, when God says He will replace the years the locusts have eaten, well, I guess that's true.  Bubbye Jesse, Hello Louis!


I'm on deadline, so I haven't read the article yet.  It's the Beautiful People issue and Julia Roberts got kicked off the cover for Sandra.  Well, I think Sandra deserves it.  To keep this a secret from the press with all that's been going on in her life -- that's just amazing.  I hope everything with her adoption goes through without a hitch.  She'll be a fantastic Mommy.  I'm not big on the Beautiful People Issue, but I do like that two over 40 chicks are on the cover.  

Seriously though, it's kind of hard to find the current batch of 20-year olds sexy.  I mean, you've got Heidi Montag with her surgical fiasco.  Barbie is a DOLL, girlfriend! Then, Us Weekly gives us the other Hills girls talking about the pressure to be beautiful.  Girls, get the heck out of LA, the pressure to be beautiful is only when you're trying to be famous for nothing.  Get a job!  Because at some point, the looks go.  Trust me on this.  

I think men are about to learn that looks aren't everything.  At some point, you have to talk to the opposite sex, and you know, if it's Spencer Pratt, well sure, you don't have to know much.  But if it's a man WORTH marrying?  

The Motivation to Write

When I first began writing, my motivation was to finish a book.  Because my husband said I never would.   And my dad said he'd read it if I got it published.  I've finished and sold nearly forty books now, and hubby never did say, hey, atta girl.  And my dad never read a book.  But that's okay because it was the motivation to say, "Oh yeah?" that made me finish.

As you go along in this job, the motivation gets a little more difficult like it does in any job you've been doing.  You want to put out your best product.  You don't want to let a consumer down, but the weight of that pressure sucks away the motivation to get it done.

For me, it's hard to turn in the book knowing I'm going to get a several page letter back of all I did "wrong" and need to correct.  Now editing is essential.  I would never want anyone to see my unedited stuff, but still, it's hard to get motivated to get the negative feedback for me. Even if it is positive in terms of outcome.

So my book is due on Saturday and I'm dealing with some hardcore fatigue today.  It got me to thinking, maybe I'm just allergic to work.  My mind is churning all night when I'm on deadline.  I stay locked in the story.  I do believe this is called hyperfocus ADD, but it's a bear to deal with the next day.  My barista made me feel better.  I told her I couldn't do all-nighters anymore and she is twenty and a SJSU (my alma mater YAY) and said she hadn't recovered from hers recently.  SO that was sweet, but it's not helping.

I've decided I'm going to learn to knit.  That's my current motivation. Finish the book and take a class and learn to knit.  It seems like such a peaceful thing to do, doesn't it?  I need some peace.  I need some motivation. I don't know where this picture is, but it looks so Zen, so antithesis of all-nighters.


Good News About Bacon!

So yesterday, I'm cruising the headlines at the Huffington Post, when something catches my eye.  It couldn't be.  A Star Wars AT?  Not out of bacon, it couldn't be!


Now besides being utterly disgusting-looking, what do you suppose would cause a man to think, "Hey, I know!"  Was he watching Star Wars?  Eating bacon and thought never the two shall meet?  The picture is disturbing, isn't it?  And I approve of bacon.  I am a fan.

On another note, you know your sofa is bad when the guy bringing you your new table tells you that you should have bought a couch instead.  And yesterday?  My contractor says to me, "You do all this work and you're going to leave that couch there so it's the first thing people see?"

But I will not be guilted into a decent-looking sofa.  This one is comfortable.  And my kids are pigs.  In fact, I think my red sofa kind of looks like the above picture.  Glee tonight, set your VCRs!  (reference for you old folks out there like me.)

Good Monday Morning Gleeks!

How's this to brighten your day?  Less than one month until Elle and I take to the skies to go see the Glee cast in action.  Don't think Matthew is going to be there, but he is readying an album for this Fall, so yay!  Now that the world is going back to vinyl, I can say album, right?   

I worked all weekend, and this morning I'm off to the coffee shop.  It's strange how this is exactly how I did my homework too.  My mother reminded me of that on Saturday.  Some of us need the adrenaline, what can I say?  

Deadline time is the perfect time to have the kitchen ripped out because I don't have to make excuses for why there's no dinner.  Well, hey, there's no kitchen.  Duh.

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Actor Stephen Baldwin, a born-again Christian, who spends most of his time now preaching and trying to get Christian movies produced, is apparently, bankrupt.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I mean, I know I feel badly for Stephen and I don't want to see anyone bankrupt, especially my fellow brother.  I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say his friends put this up for him.  I'm not going to lie and say that I think it's a good idea.  For one, it doesn't look great for the faith from my point of view.  

For another, how does he know that God isn't saying it's time to move on?  Maybe this isn't the ministry for him.  It's not for me to judge, but I'm reading Jill Zarin's new book, "Secrets of a Jewish Mother" -- one, because she's my favorite housewife on "The Real Housewives of New York City" and two, because her mother had such an impact on me when she was on the show last year.  I loved the way Jill's family interacted.  I loved that her husband, and Jill's husband, went out and found a car that Gloria would be comfortable driving in when she was uncomfortable.

The way their family interacts is so loving to me -- and I most wanted to understand how the siblings (Jill and her sister) got along so well and were each other's biggest cheerleaders.  I saw that in my mom and her sister too.  So I guess I was a little torn by why Stephen has to go to strangers for help.  Alec, his brother, can't be bankrupt and though they have very different belief systems, I can't believe that a brother wouldn't help a brother.  What happened in that family?  It can't just be the Christianity.

My dad and I couldn't fight any louder about religion, politics and the quality of various movies, but my dad bought my house so we could move back to the Bay Area.  My dad would give up anything for me and he wouldn't let me beg if he had one cent to call his own.  So I'd rather see Stephen and his brother get their relationship restored than get his pocketbook restored.  

Tangent:  Did you see "30 Rock" this week?  My favorite episode since Valentine's Day with John Hamm.  Classic.  

Anyway, in the book's introduction, the women say this:  "We need to give a lot of credit to the men in our lives as well.  Strong, secure men.  Men who would never consider taking hair off in unwanted places, or asking women to do it either.  Men would could lift mattresses without working out in a gym.  Remember those?  Men who considered it a sacred duty to provide for their families; who made sure their mothers and sisters were provided for before they would take on the obligations of a wife and children.  Men who believed in sacrifice, who lived what they believed in, and who, frankly, didn't talk about it much."

May I just add a hearty, Christian AMEN to that.  So reading those two things together today, I'll let you figure out what I think of the website.  God gives us grace when we don't deserve it, absolutely.  But He didn't promise we could do whatever we wanted and call it ministry.  Oy.  How many authors have I heard from who feel their book is God-breathed.  Listen, when God says it's over, we have to listen.  As I haven't had a book out in three years, and the shelf was void of my name anywhere today, I get it.  Changing course stinks -- but I don't imagine wandering around in the desert for 40 years was much fun either.


Dancing with Myself...

 I couldn't think of a title for this, so I thought, hey use a Billy Idol song, that is defining.  And makes me want to lift one side of my lip, but that's another issue.

So I was having my bath/crap-magazine fest last night, and  judging by the amount of "coupling" that seems to go on in "Dancing with the Stars" maybe our forefathers were right about what it leads to.  Of course, I think it also has something to do with the lack of clothing the females wear on that show, but I'm biased.  Because my dancing?  My dancing is not going to lead to anything but laughter.

In fact, yesterday my daughter asked me to finish up on the Wii Fit before her friend got there and I embarrassed her.  Imagine that.  I will say my kids call my "Hula Hooping" disturbing, and I can't use a real hula hoop, not even one time around.  I hope I never have to belly dance for my life or anything.

So Aussies, pay attention:  You have Justin Bieber right now, and I'm asking you from the bottom of my heart, can you keep him?  That kid drives me nuts.  I do not find him cute and innocent.  I think he's a little punk who needs a good thrashing.  Everything he says in an interview contains innuendo.

I'm working all day, so wish me luck.  Happy Weekend!

Breakfast...the most important meal of the day.

Best & Worst Breakfast Cereals


Since I was a child, I have listened to countless sermons about breakfast.  I don't eat it.  Never have.  Unless it's at ten a.m. and I'm fully awake for the event.  I consider myself more of a brunch girl.  Better yet?  Breakfast for dinner.

My mother used to make me smiley-face pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon -- anything to get me to eat breakfast.  It never took.  Now I do an Iced Soy Mocha, which is the closest I've ever come to having  a "meal" at breakfast.

I'm also not a fan of breakfast cereals.  My husband buys every cardboard cereal known to man, and I turn my nose up like a toddler.  When, and if, I'm going to eat cereal, I don't bother to pretend I'm mature and need my fiber, I go with the good stuff: Lucky Charms.  The more marshmallows, the better.  So imagine my zeal when I found this article about all my husband's fake healthy breakfast.  Read it and weep, baby...LUCKY CHARMS RULE!

The Material Glee & The Downfall of Culture

I have to admit, I never was a huge fan.  Though I can certainly see her influence on some of my bad 80's clothing decisions.  I remember where I was when I first heard "Like a Virgin" -- driving in my red Datsun 200 SX (look it up, it was a real car!) and my mouth agape and what I was hearing on the radio.  Did they just say that??? 

So imagine my surprise when an entire scene is based on this song, and it's on TV.  Shocking!  Only it's not.  Because the material girl and culture in general, has brought us to this point in history.

Actually, I thought they handled it well -- but my favorite was Sue's "Vogue" from last week as well.  That video really was timeless, so we forget how true artists really do take their artform to a new level.  And say what you will about Madonna, she is one talented broad.  

I know people are anti-Glee because of the whole Will-is-married issue.  I understand it, but I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say I don't enjoy the story.  I know people think that bringing out this kind of reality makes it okay and it seeps into our culture.  If you look at Madonna, I guess you could say that's true.  But I still believe art imitates life.  The storyline would not exist if it were not rooted in truth.  Sure, some truths are ugly, but they're still true.

Um, didn't King David do basically the same thing?  I'm reading a writing book by Maeve Binchy (one of my favorite writers) and she said that she started a book with the premise that basically if you were a good person, you would be happy.  So she wanted to ask the question about what happens when you have been a good person, and your life is not happy.  A Christian might say that God doesn't care about our happiness, He cares about our holiness.  

Which is true in a sense, but sometimes He uses our humanity to get us there.  I think a lot of people who have never endured truly painful situations are left alone by evil for that sheer purpose.  So that they can remain in their cold ignorance and lift themselves slightly above the world.  They live in the disbelief that THEY would never do that -- but I think man, if given desperate situations, is above very little.  

There's a reason Ecclesiastes is my favorite book.  LOL  There is nothing new under the sun.