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A Lifetime of Romanticizing the 40's...

I love the 40's era.  Love that the men were men and the women were strong enough to run the country while those manly men were off fighting a war.  My favorite song has always been "In the Mood" from Glenn Miller -- even when I was in my Adam Ant phase.  And I spent most Saturday afternoons watching AMC and the classic films.  There are two things I love about classic movies.  One, they shut the door, so they focus on the romance and not the sex scene.  Two, the stars were really stars.  Not like today where Ashton Kucher plays a spy.

A movie STAR has presence.  Don't believe me?  Try and watch a film with Ingrid Bergman and take your eyes off her.  It wasn't that she was beautiful, but of course, she is, it was that she took that "it" factor to a new level.  And...they could act.  In "Gone with the Wind" '39, Vivien Leigh (Scarlett O'Hara) said that Clark Cable (Rhett Butler) had the worst breath imaginable.  I cannot watch that scene with her in the green hat without thinking, Scarlett had to ACT that romance out.

Burt Lancaster is not all that fantastic-looking and the swimsuit they made him don for "From Here to Eternity" leaves a lot to be desired in the masculinity department.  But watch that scene and tell me if you cannot imagine Burt carrying you off -- and this was pretty racy because Deborah Kerr is married in the movie. (But to a jerk.)  This is a 50's movie, but it's about Pearl Harbor -- so it's the 40's for me.


So my point?  Today, my romanticizing came to life.  I donned all my 40's gear (and I had to buy nothing, just had it) and I went to Gilroy and took photos in black and white.  Lots of photos.  And I hate to have my picture taken.  But it was so fun.  I just channeled my inner Ingrid Bergman and thought about the new book and how I want the new website to look -- and there was no stopping me.  Luckily, I had a great photographer ( who totally got my "vision".  

When my book, "A Billion Reasons Why" comes out next March (it's a modern story with a 40's themed wedding in New Orleans), my photo will match.  More importantly?  I got to belong to the era I should have been born into today.  Too fun.