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Glee Goes Gaga!

My only complaint with the show tonight was not enough Matthew.  I really love Matthew Morrison, but he's going to get funky next week and we're in for "Queen" so I am NOT complaining.  I loved the Gaga theme.  Loved the being different moral.  

As a child, I truly suffered watching people make fun of my mentally retarded brother.  To this day, I cannot understand how people can purposely hurt other people. When Glee finished, the news came on and Boxer and Obama are in San Francisco -- making fun of conservatives and trying to incite boos out of their audience.  Really?  This is behavior we get from our president and speaker of the house?  Grow the heck up.  You should have been home watching "Glee" and learn about being respectfully different.

People are not stupid because we disagree with you.  They have different backgrounds, different perspectives.  I resent that my president isn't above making fun of people.  When you're in power, there's some responsibility that goes with that.  What are we to do if our culture is teaching that its most powerful can make fun of the weaker?  Pathetic.

But it's why I choose to watch "Glee" because I am struggling with what our world is becoming.  I would much rather stick my head in the sand and forget that people want to kill each other.  That justice isn't always done here on earth and that people are mean. Let me wallow in new Alien crop circles in England, that the new Airbender movie is coming out! And most importantly, that movie goers are willing to pay good money to see Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kucher as spies. Gosh, that is really typecasting.  Don't you think?  : )