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Instant Bachelorette Recap

False headline actually.  I missed half of it watching "It's Complicated".  So I tuned in when Ally is on her Vegas date with Jesse. Now it's easy to believe in Prince Charming when you look at Jesse and know he understands how to wield a nail gun.  Brings new meaning to the saying, "It's Hammertime !" Jesse-Headshot

Ali looks really tired in this episode.  Is it just me?  Give the girl a Vitamin B shot.  Next she has a conversation with Chris, who was my favorite from the start.  He's the one from Maine.  I'm not so thrilled with him this week. He's too subdued.

Roberto is not only a salsa dancer and very good looking, but he's been a baseball player.  

Ali is pushing Casey away, and I feel for the guy.  She's clearly not interested.  There's nothing worse than watching that, other than ignoring it to make yourself feel better.  

I didn't see Frank's date, so maybe you can fill me in, but she's very talkative with him and connected. They're cute together, and let's face it, I'd like to see Ali move into Frank's mommy's basement.

Craig and the Weatherman drama cracks me up.  My personal assessment is that the two of them are more into each other and that whole "anger/make up romance" relationship.  Let's face it, they've put a lot more into each other, than Ali.  Craig's Ronald McDonald hairstyle gets to me. 

Jonathan's whining does not go over well with Ali.  The guys really should have taken some clues from the Ali/Vienna trauma.  So then, Ali discusses the situation with Craig.  Who says, and I quote, "Fer sure."  Okay, I think he's gay and not comfortable with it yet.  Ali wants to know why he hasn't asked a question about her.  Um, because he's gay.  And probably angry because he can't admit it.

Upon hearing he's "dangerous", Craig gets crazy eyes and denies everything and yet, answers nothing.  Good job Craig.  Ali says, "I'm glad we had this talk." Read:  Dude, enough of wasting my precious princess time.  Okay, I know where I've seen Craig's hair was Saturday Night...Fever!

Barry Gibb

Craig loves conflict.  He really is on the wrong show.  He belongs on the Housewives of NYC.  Take another chug of beer and chillax.  

Chris N reminds me of Norman Bates.  Ali's probably too young to have seen "Pyscho" but she might want to watch it before picking him again.

Spoiler alert:

The weatherman is staying.  And our scary Bee Gee is going home.  Tyler is going home.  He had a great attitude that if she wasn't feeling it, it wasn't there.  You know, Craig really bothers me.  He is a cold-hearted person -- when he hugs her, there's not an ounce of warmth in him.  Narcissist, thy name is Craig.  He should have stopped by the fountain on his way out. 

And...I still don't care.  

 Glee Season Finale tomorrow.  WOOOHOOO!