A Lifetime of Romanticizing the 40's...
An Ashley Stockingdale Day...

It's Swimsuit Season!

And as an over-40 chick, I say WHO CARES!?!  What a great feeling.  I finished my rewrite on my second chapter this morning and now I'm working on devotionals for an upcoming comical collection and I thought, this is the perfect job for me.  As I read online about Sarah Jessica Parker's hands being old and veiny, I thought, my hands are SUPPOSED to look old and veiny.  I type all day.

Who would want a job where you're judged by a twenty year-old's standards when you're in your 40's.  Listen, if they're warning viewers about your looks in HD, I would totally find another line of work.  I need that why?  

Honestly, I think it's a curse to be known for your beauty.  It's like we won't allow you to age.  The other day I was watching Oprah and Cher was on.  I'm not sure how old Cher is, other than I think she's in her sixties, but if you're old enough to remember the "Turn Back Time" video, she is frolicking in a barely-there outfit on an aircraft carrier, I think.  Her bum is out there for the world to see, and you know, it's a great bum.  But I don't want to see it.  Not then, not now.  But especially not now, and her outfit in Vegas looked WAY too much like her 80s video.  But sadly, her body didn't.

This is why you need a good relationship with your kids.  They'll say to you, "Uh Mom, no." 

And someone should really say that to Cher.  And Raquel Welch and Sophia Loren.  In another life, you were beauty queens -- and you're still beautiful.  But you're not the twenty-year old in a bikini anymore.  It's good to move on.  It's healthy.  Madonna looks great for ANY age, but especially for her age, but there's something so desperate to hanging on to one's youth.  It's going to get you at some point.  This is why we're supposed to develop character -- and not just our abs.