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What comes first, the crazy or the acting?

This weekend in LA, Elle and I had a few people come up to us and ask her about a "screen test".  Now, I used to work in promotions, so I know most of these talent scouts are little more than photographer's assistants trying to sell expensive headshots.

But they come up to us and say, "We've placed kids on shows like iCarly..."  They know if you say iCarly to any girl under 12, eyes are going to light up.  I took the card each time and I told Elle why we would not be going.  My daughter is beautiful.  But she is more than that, and nothing good seems to come from fame, does it?  

When we got home, I showed her a picture of Lindsay Lohan in "The Parent Trap" and then now.  I showed her cute little Miley Cyrus then, and now.  Being famous is pointless to me.  But I do wonder if the "crazy" enables them to act in the first place, or if it comes later.  I'm inclined to think it's the former.  That they're precocious kids who need a LOT of attention and have learned how to get it through their actions.

There's a bit of crazy in all creative geniuses.  I'm no genius, but I definitely have my share of crazy.  Most novelists do.  We tend to live in our own worlds, like to sit back and watch the action, can "hear" conversations of characters and feel them come to life.  I don't think that's normal.  Though I'm sitting here with other writers (in the coffee shop) and of course, it seems normal to us.  That's why we hang out together.


Look at Lindsay.  This girl is 23 years old!!  Now in regards to some creatively nuts people, like say, Britney Spears -- I think her parents would have a hard time reigning her in.  She was not going to be stopped, and I feel for her parents because they do take a bad rap now.  And I definitely think Britney had the bipolar young and they had little control over her from a very young age.  It may be the same with Lindsay, but ultimately, you cannot control another person.  Not even if that person is your child, so naturally, I wonder which came first -- and what, if anything could stop these kids.

A lot of people think it's simple parenting.  I disagree.  I've seen too many kids with minds of their own.  There is this really good-looking guy outside, looks like a construction worker, and he's been here for an hour outside, talking to himself.  So yeah, not everything is within someone's power to fix.  What do you think?  

Glee Live!

 We're home after our trip to Los Angeles to see "Glee Live".  What a trip!  Worth every expense and maybe more!  That is the most talented group of kids, and the show was fabulous! Really like seeing a live production of the show.  We even got a sneak peek at the upcoming "Bad Romance" performance from this week.  

We stayed at the Universal Hilton and there were so many Gleeks there.  We had a lot of fun just interacting with all the avid fans.  We saw the final of three performances in LA and wow, you just have NO idea how talented these kids are until you see them do it all LIVE.  I mean, amazing!  They performed Elle's two favorites: "Don't Stop Believing" and "Sweet Caroline" by Puck.  

Rachel (Lea Michelle) did "Don't Rain on my Parade" and brought down the house -- as did "Bust the Windows out Your Car" by Mercedes.  Oh Puck has his Mohawk back.

What surprised me:  Britany (the dumb blonde) is an AMAZING dancer and singer herself.  She added a lot to the show last night, as did video performances by Mr. Schu and Sue.  Another highlight:  On Saturday, Elle and I were at Starbucks outside the park (Universal Studios) and we heard Jane Lynch talking (Sue Sylvester) and saw her on video.  I said, "Elle, I think that's her on stage.  I think the video is just broadcasting out."  

So we ran over and sure enough, she was there.  I tried to talk Elle into going close and getting a picture.  I said, like the responsible Mom I am, "Go up there Elle.  They won't yell at you.  Just go by the fence."  LOL  She chickened out.  Then, by the time she realized her error in judgment, Sue was surrounded by too many people.  

For me, the highlight was Kurt singing "Bad Romance" and the song from "Wicked".  Oh and a special appearance at the end by Jesse, where he sung "Hello" with Lea Michelle.

All I can say, is even if you have to buy them scalped, I think the tickets were worth it.  I didn't thank goodness, but I woman I met at the hotel from Cupertino paid $300 a ticket.  Ouch!  They had four of them too.  Of course, they also didn't pay for a hotel for two nights, a trip to Universal Studios and a flight for two.  And still, I say, WORTH IT.  SO much fun and Elle said it was the best day of her life.  

My son Trey says all my paleontology expertise comes from the Disneyland train ride. I'm happy to inform him, I have expanded my knowledge because I went on the "Jurassic Park" ride.  I did nearly vomit on the Simpsons' ride though, so that was not the best decision.  It was right before the concert. 

Little known fact:  I LOVE the psychological thriller and the Universal tour now has a Norman Bates' Look-alike come out of the Bates Motel with a wrapped body and then come toward the tram with a knife.  I was so excited for my pics and hubby goes, "What's that?"

"It's Psycho!"  I tried to say without the duh in my voice.

The man has NEVER. SEEN. PSYCHO!  Where did I go wrong?  I couldn't take my camera in the concert, but I did manage to get a few moments of memories from the weekend.

Elle at the concert.


The View from our Room.  

That's Jane Lynch in the white tracksuit in the background.  See?  Elle should have totally gone up to the fence. That security guard made her nervous.  I'm like the worst he's going to do is tell you to back up.  GO!  LOL   

Mental Illness in the News, Sniffle...Adam Ant for one.

Adam, aka Stuart Goddard, apparently unleashed words of abuse aimed at Christians during a performance, and it sounds like he's been hospitalized.  He has bipolar disorder.  Breaks my heart.  But the one thing that is good about this is that it gives attention to a much-ignored issue.  Which is how mental illness affects us in every day life.  Hopefully, Adam will get stabilized soon.  But I think that lifestyle is hard on someone who  has bipolar.  It's a pity too because they are so magnetic in personality and often have huge talent, but it's a double-edged sword.

Last night on the "Real Housewives Of NYC" Kelly Bensimon had some kind of breakdown, that involved paranoia.  My guess for her would be Borderline Personality Disorder, but I'm no doctor.  But still, you see how she confuses the conversation and how long it takes the others to realize she's pulling them in circles.  

Did anyone watch last night?  Did that look like the vacation in paradise from hell or what?  I notice that Kelly often talks about being born again, but her actions are not in line with that life.  I think it's because so many mentally ill people who hear "voices" think it's God.  So scary.  I hope she too gets stabilized before we see too much.  It felt like watching the lions kill Christians.  Not good entertainment.  You want to fix her.  Then, you think about the girls she's raising and how hard it must be for them.  So sad. 

Jonah, My Beloved...

I have a son named Jonah.  He is just a light (except in the morning -- he and I do not believe the world should start until ten a.m.)  We are also both ready for good conversation at about 11 pm.  The Italian in is is strong, Padawan. 

Today, Jonah had an "interview" for a special camp.  He will spend two weeks at a UC Campus and they want to make sure the kids are mature enough to handle it, and also want to go.  They're not being pushed by overbearing parents.

So we drive out for the interview today and he sits there quietly, answers all the questions -- asks the appropriate questions about iPods and DS games -- and about the food.

But in the end, the interviewer asks him, "Jonah, is there anything you're particularly worried about with this camp?"

And he says, "Yeah, who will I room with?  It's not going to be some psychopath, is it?"

She says, "No Jonah, that's why we conduct the interviews, to weed the psychopaths out."  LOL Just cracked me up. 

We leave for "Glee" tomorrow.  WOOHOOO!

Dream On...Dream On...

Matthew Morrison rocks.  Neil Patrick Harris rocks.    My favorite Glee so far this year.    Tn-500_117882_neil-patrick-harris-and-matthew-morrison-on-glees-on-may-18s-episode-dream-on

 I loved Artie's Flashmob dance.  My favorite Sue line, "I got a secret room upstairs.  Like Letterman."

But mostly, I love two Broadway stars battling it out with an Aerosmith song.  Beauteous. Loved Jesse's return.  And Les Mis.  Gosh, I love that show.   Great show, what did you all think?

And it didn't hurt that we had another 40's era song (Dream a Little Dream For Me).  Can't wait for this weekend's show.  Give me your opinions!

The Essential Barry Manilow...

I have two Macs.  The only ones in the house, so naturally all the iTunes stuff is easier to do on my computers.  Therefore, now that every one of my four kids has an iPod, iTunes on my computer is the hot place to be.  My oldest is into what I'd call headbanger, stoner music.  My daughter is into Glee.  My one son is into goofy, noise music like "Crazy Frog" or "The Hamsterdance" and finally, the last one is into games and apps.

Naturally, with one iTunes file, and everyone in a hurry, there is going to be some cross-contamination. Example?  I'll be running along to my Thong Song from "Glee" when I'm assaulted by some rank song called "Holy Diver" or a Spongebob "Oops I ripped my Pants" serenade.

The beauty part is, that no one has more embarrassing music on the iPod than me.  My rocker says, "The Essential Barry Manilow?  The only essential Barry Manilow is NO Barry Manilow." Ah, but Mom begs to differ.

And how about rocking out at lunch only to find your Mom's prayer and meditation music that I go to sleep to?  Try explaining that one to your friends.

Then, there's my 40's fetish, but I think I'm explaining that because I'm telling Trey that was the first music that separated the generations.  It was the headbanging music that started it all.  Good ol' Glenn Miller.

There is some music we all agree on.  I'd like to say it's Christian, but I'm afraid my son is going through his rambunctious phase and David Crowder isn't part of his scene at the moment.  The music we can all agree on?  Queen.  I think Queen should warrant its own Glee.  Don't you?


That's when I stopped being an Adam Lambert fan.  When he thought he was too good to head up the new Queen, I thought he needed to go.  Just sayin' 

It's Gleek Week...Neil Patrick Harris tonight!

You have to love a show that has Neil Patrick Harris as an arch enemy.  I mean, you have your Ironman 2 and then, you have evil in showtunes form.  Can't beat that.  Although my son is most bothered by the Aerosmith tune being used -- which he calls inappropriate. And I have to admit, I did not enjoy Jesse's AC/DC rendition.  Though being surprised on my run by my son's "Back in Black" on my iPod, let's just say it did get the lead out.

This weekend, my daughter and I head to LA for "Glee in Concert".  It's a girl's weekend!  But I'm going with the fashion police because my daughter told me that no one over 20 should wear a bikini.  I guess over 20 is ancient in Elle years.  I don't let Elle wear bikinis, and I wouldn't wear mine anywhere but my mother's house, but I still think it's cute she ensured it wasn't coming along.

I should get a big, skirted suit with a moo moo over it.  I wonder if that would make her happy. 

I lived without a TV all weekend and read five books -- but when I went out with my girlfriend, I was still able to handle the hard questions, like who is the father of Olivia Newton John's daughter.  The question is, did I retain any of the new information?

Why You Don't Want Me on Your Jury

Food Network Star Hired Hit Men

This guy is a former Food Network Star (some show on counting calories -- please I only watch the fattening shows with food that tastes good -- Paula Deen?? The Neelys?) It's alleged he hired homeless men with $1k to kill his wife and said he wanted her throat slashed.


Because I've already decided he's guilty.  And here's why *I* think he's guilty.  No, here's why I KNOW he's guilty and you don't want me on that jury.  One, he's a moron.  This is his high school sweetheart.  Her life is worth $1,000?  Right there, that tells me, he's a moron to think someone is going to risk life for his measly thousand bucks.  It tells me he valued a dollar (ie., he was cheap!) and most likely, he didn't want to pay her half of his estate when he divorced her.

My other reason?  Everyone who saw them together said they seemed like such a happy couple.  Newsflash people.  Abusers ARE charming!  People NEVER think they would abuse.  It's how they get away with it.  O.J. Simpson ring a bell?  It's also why the woman blames herself.  Everyone ELSE thinks he's so wonderful, why is he so mean to me?  What's wrong with me?

He was called the "Calorie Commando"  Right there, I get another hint.  Abusers are concerned with perfection and tend to see people as "bodies" and parts.  Finally...he just looks freakin MEAN!  So , be glad I'm not on your jury because I'd be introducing you to your new wife:  Bubba.


What are they teaching in school?

I just came from CVS, where a large group of studious-looking Asian kids, guys and girls, were in the Condom aisle.  They were reading the packaging and taking notes, doing some kind of assignment.  Naturally, I had to know..

"What kind of homework is that?"

"Science.  We're studying the different efficiency rates of birth control methods." Then, they giggled.  These poor kids, they were sixteen, and I know, I know what the world thinks, but not everyone is out there bedding the next guy and must we burden our sweet, studious kids with this crap?

It's bad enough that half the girls in high school now claim "bisexual" as their identification.  Granted, it's for attention from the boys, which I hate to tell them, makes them wholly heterosexual, but it's rampant.  

I think I'm just getting old.  Remember, last year I went to prom at my BFF's high school where she's a counselor?  Well, last night was prom, but it was in San Francisco.  That just made me tired thinking about it.  The kids were all having dinner where we ate (Macaroni Grill in Milpitas) and then, they had the long drive up to the City and $30 parking.  There's a reason you do that stuff when you're in your teens.  

I just think ugh, that is not worth it.  Mine was in the City, but we grew up on the Peninsula (closer)

Instead, we went to DSW, where my beloved cheap college roommate was still cheap and bought nothing.  Have I taught her nothing?  In college I had this on our bulletin board:  "I Shop, Therefore I Am."  How did I not impart such wisdom?  She makes more money than the two of us combined though, so maybe I should have picked up more from her.