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Reaping what we sow: Dennis Hopper

The other day my son and I were out and there was a young girl sweeping the outside of a coffee shop and wearing a brand name sweatshirt.  My son said, "How does she afford that if she's sweeping for a living."

I told him, there is no harm in honest work and the answer is, we buy what we value.  When I was in college, I had a $200 buttery-leather Kenneth Cole bookbag.  Let's contrast that with the fact that I chose to live with three other girls to share the rent, and my share was -- TA DAAH $200 a month.

When I heard that Dennis Hopper had cancer, naturally I felt bad.  When I heard that he chose to spend his last days fighting a bitter custody/divorce battle to make sure his wife of 14 years got nothing, I ran out of a lot of sympathy.

 She probably did marry him for money.  She's gorgeous.  He's 32 years older than her, and by many accounts, a total jerk.  Does that mean she's not entitled to why she put up with you for fourteen years?  I contend, that as his fifth wife, she EARNED that money.  Here's a man battling cancer at 74 and yet fighting to win custody of a young son -- for what?  Spite?  How's he going to parent a child from the hospital?  My point here is that Dennis Hopper spent money on what he valued -- and that was winning. Regardless of who it hurt.  I'm sorry he's dead and all, but let's contrast that with Princess Beatrice's boyfriend...

Fergie.  The original Fergie, not that chick who ruins the Black Eyed Peas, the original Fergie did a bad thing because she was desperate.  I'm sorry, but I would not want to mess with that royal family.  They seem cruel and heartless to me.  Fergie only got the money of what any Navy Officer in England would have gotten -- not any part of being a Royal.  And you know, she had two royal daughters.  All I'm saying is, let her live decently.  She was disgraced enough being part of that family.  Called The Duchess of Pork and worse.  

Look at this beautiful girl she raised and her darling boyfriend.  You don't get nice kids like this unless you did some work.  So can we just say that the Royal Family continues to look royal because Fergie worked hard to raise her girls right.  Hear that Grandma?  But this is so sweet, the Princess' boyfriend is offering to help Sarah Ferguson out of her financial woes.  In the end, who do you want to be like?  Dennis Hopper or gorgeous Dave Clark here, who is showing the reality that people come before money.

So there's no harm in a hard day's work, but when that work is to destroy or devalue someone you vowed to love, I'm not exactly sorry for you.