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The Book is Dead...

So says the Sacramento Bee today.  The book is dead, and its only use is going to be as decoration in your homes.  To this I say, BITE ME!

The book will never be dead, and do you know why?  Because book lovers are book lovers.  Sure, my mom has a Kindle and she buys her books on the Kindle, but then, when a favorite author comes out, she has to get a "real" copy.  

As an avid bath reader, the book will never be dead for me.  Even if they made the Kindle/iPad/Nook waterproof.

Book lovers enjoy the artistry of a book.  There is nothing better than rough-edged pages, or cute typeface and doilies between chapters to match a book's theme. It makes me feel a part of it.  I interface with a book.  Not so much the Kindle and that doesn't mean it doesn't have its place.  But it simply won't replace the book.  

Book lovers have their favorite way to read that an electronic device can't duplicate.  For example, I read "trade paperbacks" and "hardbacks" -- I hate the feel of mass market size. It doesn't feel worthy to me.  There's nothing more special than cracking open that hardback from a favorite author.

And what about covers?  I love a good cover.  Like a shiny thing in the water to a fish, so is the gorgeous cover that speaks to me in a bookstore.  The fact is, half my book purchases are never planned, but like a shark has to attack their chum bucket, I must go after that cover.

  Photo on 2010-05-31 at 13.16 #3    

(My new Bible so I can carry it around for the devotional book I'm writing.  Cute cover or what?) 

Online shopping is great for books I know I want.  Let's say I've read a review, or there's a subject matter I want to read.  Online is great for that.

But there are a TON of books that I don't know I want to read until I "see" them and read the first page.  Current examples:

 I picked this one up after reading its endorsements and the first place.  So far, no regrets!


Let me say that I hate this cover.  Abhor it.  But I love Augusten Burroughs, and my current book is about an abusive father.  I prefer to read REAL stories when I'm doing research and so I picked this one up knowing that's what it was about. I LOVE Augusten's voice.  He is not for everyone, and his language is rough, so if you're faint of heart, don't pick him up and nag me.  He's the author of "Running with Scissors".  You've been warned.

Finally, I didn't know I wanted to read Jen Lancaster's new book.  I have loved her past books with the exception of the last one because it was about sorority life and I couldn't care less about sorority life.  Didn't care about it in college, care even less now.  But I love her new idea about pursuing growth and intellect and leaving the reality TV behind.  And I could not resist the cover:


Mostly, I'm a book lover because nothing feels like a book.  Nothing looks like a book.  Nothing else hangs in my house like a trophy other than a book I've read and loved. Then, there is another dangerous book edition that can't be duplicated on a machine.  That is, when a beloved book gets a new cover.  I can't resist owning ALL of the versions.  I have multiple versions of "The Accidental Tourist", "Redeeming Love", "The Thorn Birds" and more.

I also own antique original versions of "Far from the Madding Crowd", "a first English version of "Camille" and "Rebecca".  The book is dead. Only for those who find "Family Guy"  high art.