What doth thy covet?
The Painted Veil

Can Someone Explain Jersey Shore to me?

Okay, admission:  I haven't seen the show.  There is something so repulsive about that group to me.  The way they bare it all, and please, it ain't all that great to begin with -- clothing should not be optional here.  But what does this show celebrate?  Boozing, partiers without jobs?  Do they have jobs?  What are these people's point in life?  To numb themselves into oblivion?  Isn't that just a precursor to "Intervention?" Or maybe now that they're famous, "Celebrity Rehab"?  

Is it the train wreck factor?  I sort of feel for them because after this, and considering their one-note talents, this won't last long.  But what's next?  Will their life's purpose evolve?  Or erode from this?